Thursday, August 25, 2011

MAC Semi Precious + Surf Baby~ My Pick

Mac Semi Precious Display

I know its been a month since the cols were released here.. I didnt get the the chance to share about this earlier, how sad ;( But since ive already taken a few pics, so I think why not just post it in my blog even some of you might consider this to be outdated already ! Believe me, I haven't tried the products from these two collections except for one eyeshadow and the blusher. Can't wait to experiment when my confinement is over and when I start to do make up again !
Let's start with MAC Surf baby which I believe its no longer available in stores. (fyi, MAC will return all of the unsold limited editions stuff back to its supplier after a certain time)

MAC Surf Baby Collections

Surf Baby: The collections for Summer. Its a HUGE cols full of warm and cool colours. The cols didnt attract me much except for the colour stacks. I found it to be boring since most of products were repititions from last Summer cols. I bought just a few items .. including mocha lipstick (permanent). Luckily, I didnt have this before so this is my oppurtunity to get the lipstick in special packaging ! ;)

MAC Mocha Lipstick: I think I should have this in my make up kit coz this colour is perfect for dark skin tone !  Me love it to bits ;)
+ MAC Powerpoint eyeliner in Gilded White- Its a light white with gold shimmer meant for waterline.. but seriously I dont quite like this powerpoint type for the waterline coz it doesn't last ! I more prefer Kohl type for that purpose

MAC Crushed Metallic Pigment Summer Stash. I chose this over the other one ( Crushed Metallic Pigment Surf The Ocean) coz I always love the combination of brown + purple ;) Perfect for glam look coz the colours are metallic and very pigmented !

 Swatches of the stacks, Gilded White Powerpoint and Mocha l/s

MAC Semi Precious Collections

The lipsticks. I skipped all of these coz I don;t like lustres. The colours are just ordinary, didnt attract me much.

Charge Water, Mineralize satin finish foundation and strobe cream (which I already have coz these are from permanent line)

MSFs (which look like nipple as reviewed by most beauty bloggers .. lol) , the super awesome kabuki brush which is expensive like hell ! and the mineralize blushes.

 Mineralize Blush. L-R: Feeling Flush, Pressed of Amber, Warmth of Coral

Random swatches of the MSFs
The Creamsheen Glass. I didn;t pick up any of these !

The swatches. L-R: Pure Magnificence (light grey pink), Natural Flare (light Caramel Nude), Geo Pink (Strawberry Pink), Looks Like Sin (Midtone Reddish Plum), Richly Revered (Deep Brown Plum)

The mineralize eyeshadows (All shadows are limited editions) . Don't be fooled by the appearance of the attractive colours, swatch it then you'll discover the intensity, pigmentation of the e/s. Among all of the colours, I found out that only 4 gives the best pigmentation !

Random swatches of the mineralize e/s

What I hauled from this cols ;)

A few brushes and eyeshadows, a blush and one MSFs

I know the brushes are quite expensive, thats why I have to skip other products. But I really love to invest on MAC brushes coz they are definitely good in quality and gives the best application!

I bought myself three of the brushes: eye make up brushes ( #234, #235)  and  a face brush (#128). Interesting fact: Each of them are off two diff. hair colours on each side. (white vs. black) which I believe its for two diff. application ( 1 side is great for applying mineralize product and the other one is for applying normal powders). All brushes are limited edition but you still can get similar brushes from the permanent range where #234 = #217 , #235 = #227, #128= # 116 ( #128 is more dense and not as fluffy as #116 but gives the similar function, as a blush brush)

MAC Mineralize e/s in Smoked Ruby (burgundy and black melange) , Dark Indulgence (Forest Green and black melange), and Golden Gaze (Gold and black melange)

I found out that these three mineralize shadows and the blue one (Blue Sheen) give the most pigmentation and intensity.

Semi Precious Rose Quartz (Rosy pink base with inner circle of silver, lime, white pink copper) and Feeling Flush Blusher (Melange Pink + Deep Blue Pink + Soft Brown)

The best highlighter as it can be applied as blush n highlighter. The feeling flush blush I can say that its very pigmented, love the smooth texture of it,  the best mineralize blush I've tried so far.. and the colour is amazing ! (see previous post, for my look using this blush ). Scroll up for the swatches of this blush.

Have you checked out the cols ? What did you get for yourself ? Share with me ! ;)

Friday, August 19, 2011

My latest news!

First of all, I hope its not too late to wish my Muslim Readers, Salam Ramadhan and Happy Fasting ya'all ! ;) Hope this year's Ramadhan brings us Barokah and bring so many happiness for us and not to forget make us closer to Allah !

I regret for not being able to fulfill my religious duty during this holy month coz Im in my confinement period ! Good news, I am happy that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on last 23rd July at 10:14pm and my baby weighed  3.4kg. Now it has been 28 days :) I just want my readers to know why I havent updated my blog as often.. and I apologize for that. Im trying not to abandon this blog for too long, so Im here to update my latest news  ;)) Enjoy a few pics of my baby and a few projects that I did for my lil sweetheartsbefore I delivered ! :)
Syukur, Im already a MOM :) @KLIA, 2 weeks  after delivered I went back to my hometown in Kota Bharu to continue my confinement there.

A few projects that I did during my pregnancy..

Ikea Aneboda Drawer converted to a mini Baby's closet : sorry for the picture quality, taken from camera phone.

Basket Liner

Patchwork Quilt Cover ~ my first trial. Frustrated with the finished result coz seriously it wasn't that easy to handle this thing !
 ..and a matching pillowcase + 2 bolster covers.

Last minute work. So happy coz , two days before I delivered , I managed to finish up this quilt cover in one day !! I always adore white cotton fabric + flower lace design ;)
..matching pillowcases and bolster covers.

and  padded hangers ..

Im grateful coz everything went well. Im thoroughly enjoying my confinement period. I get to relax and can spend times reading my fav. magazines which I rarely had the time to do so before this ! ;)

p/s: No time to update about MAC semi precious cols.. Ill try my best to share with ya what I got from that gorgeous cols eventhough I know its been a month already ! Luckily.. the cols were out a week before I delivered... so I managed to grab a few stuffs.  hee hee ;) keep on visiting my blog peeps!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Ninie Selayang Jaya ~ Solemnization

Date: 15th July, 2011
Event: Solemnization, night session

Thanx for hiring me as your MUA.Congratulations and may you have a blissful marriage ;)