Sunday, March 28, 2010

Achieve Different Look With Just One Eye Makeup


I have created different look with just 1 eye make up and a simple touch up makes the whole thing different again ... In this case I use brown + black eye shadows where I think these colours suits every colour of lipsticks ! .. and any skin tone can wear browns , of course :)  Are you agree with me ?? This is the reason why I love any shades of brown eye shadows ! :)

Look #1 I match it with very bright orangey red colour lipstick . Its Lady Danger by MAC ! What a beautiful name for this lippie.. and a beautiful colour too ! My sister told me that I look really dangerous in this pic .. hahaha ... its because of the bright lip , and yess it is , the name tells everything ! This look is suitable for night out.

Ok, since both the eye makeup and red lips are strong n heavy .. blushers are banned ! LOL ... unless you want your face to look like a clown hehe. But I countoured my cheeks a bit with darker powder for the thinner slimmer face effect.

If you see my photos properly.. you can see I have a scar on just above my eye scoket :(  ...dont really remember how I got that scar ... I dont really care about it actually but its quite tough to blend the eye shadows in that area.

Look #2 is kinda orangey look ... the same eye make up + Fresh Salmon lipstick (from the spring forecast 2) + Coral shimmer blush by Bobbi Brown and I've used Refined Golden MSF as highlight on the upper cheekbone and on the bridge of nose.

This eye make up techniques, where you put darker colour on the lid and blends UPward with a brown eyeshadows .. suitable for smaller eyes / asian eyes. Your eyes will look bigger .. this eye make up is considered as smokey eyes.

I contoured my "mini" double chin LOL.. Im getting chubbier everyday which makes me worried.. but I Love Food ! :(

Look #3 : I've changed the look by changing the blusher to MAC Azalea Blossom (Blush Ombre) + Perfect Topping MSF as highlight and Show Orchid Lipstick. The lip colour is one of my fav. now .. its bright fuschia pink ... to change the colour of blusher , I just simply neutralize it with MSF natural of my shade first before applying a different colour

Just play around with colours and you will know what's the best colour on you  ! Remember, the best make up artist is YOU .. coz you know your face more than anyone else :)  The key is, practice coz practice makes perfect and by using the right tools especially the eye make up brushes :)

Look #4: The next one .. I toned down the look with a lighter shades of pink and this is Saint Germaint ( from the Sugat Sweet Collections released last year).
I really think that the make up ... compliment the inner scarf that Im wearing .. :)

I know that I look stupid here .. oh gosh .. my fake smile is horror ! but I think the eye make up is pretty clear here  .. and I still want to show that ! Just ignore my stupid smile okeh :p

Look #5:  And last but not least , the final look !!I toned down the lip colour a lil bit more by applying just a natural colour lip glass. With the same eye make up ... but this time,I added a lil bit of bright pink colour on the lid .. on top of black. This time I used the pigments from stack #1 ( spring colour forecast 1) ... pink + black .. it turned out to be Purple ! Isn't that amazing ? We can get a different colour after mixing ... so if you dont know the mixing formula .. the colour chart wheel can help ! It can be purchased at any crafts stores.

Taraaa ...

My eye make up looks different right ? Its purple + brown colour. I also added a lil bit of purple eye shadows on the lower eyes just on top of black and blend.

This is a close up photo where you can see the false lashes are attached to the closest as possible to the original lashes ... so that It looks like its your original lashes ... I dont like to see.. or I can say I hate it when it has a gap .. between the fake one and your own lashes . It looks pretty terrible ! So, avoid that ok :)

This final look is my fav. one . I like the look of heavy eye make up with natural lip colour ... For this look .. I erase the previous lip colour with lip erase and applied Lavender Wind lip glass ( Spring forecast colour 3)

Ok, till then ! My long post with lots of pics .. hopefully wont make you feel bored ! Tell me what you think ... Thank You and have a nice day :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pink + Green Look

I like to experiment with colours. So, this time.. I tried out the combination of green and pink eye shadows to see what would it look like, if I mixed the colours together. I just love the combination of green + pink whether it be with flowers .. wall paintings .. etc.

I just knew that .. pink and green aren't suitable to be combined together in case of eye shadows  ? coz green falls in a warm colour and pink is under cool colour category. Hmm ... is that so ?? 

"You may combine eyeshadows yourself; just ensure you choose both colours from the same (warm or cool) palette." 

So I quoted a note on combination colour tips of eye shadows. But what if we break the rules? coz make up is art  right ... hehehe. As long as it still looks beautiful on you ... I think it wouldnt be a all !

But then again .. the author shared her/his tips .. "For exquisite summer party makeup, mix bright or pastel colours from different palettes to create a special effect, but don’t overdo the blending."

ermm.. that confused me ! well .. no matter what .. I've tried to mix very light pink and green and a lil bit of purple colour .. and I think its a great combination ! Tell me what do you think ok :)

                                                             very thick winged eyeliner

You can achieve this look by using any greens and pink that you like and complete the look with a fuschia pink lip colour.

Products that I used all by MAC unless otherwise specified:

Eyes Shadows:
Juxt ,Lola, Very Violet and Carbon e/s on lid and crease
Shroom on inner conner
Pincurl on the brow bone
Lower lashline: Lola + Very Violet
Waterline: MAC Powersurge Eye Kohl
Blacktrack Fluidline

Magnetique lipglass

Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre
By CandleLight MSF as Highlighter on cheek bone
Mac Brule' e/s on the bottom eyes to set the concealor

Rimmel London eyebrow pencil in Hazel 002

False Lashes : MAC #2

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Handmade Ribbon Embroidery Box

So.. as promised .. here's another box created by me. Its a simple embroidery btw, to save time of course !! ... but I tried to make it look classy by using only pastel colours and I added a lil bit of brown ribbon ..  The inside of the box is painted with an espresso brown colour.  Less is more isn't it ?

The ribbon roses are actually dusty pink in colour and this box is embedded with swarovski crystals for the glittery effect.

The design of the embroidery in front, is a lil bit longer than both sides ...

I love adding a few of French Knot stitches in my embroidery design .. coz I think it looks sweet ..

Im planning to make another 8 boxes the same kind ... for rental . So if an English wedding theme is in your mind, and  interested to rent these boxes for wedding purpose ... feel free to contact me ya :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

White Distressed Wooden Box

Hi guys , Im back with new updates .. on what I've been busy with these few days. Actually I was working with a few different boxes. Different type.. one is antique like.. a few of embroidered one.. and also with cutey stuff embelishments !

Ok let me share with you this one first .. Its another production of my previous antique wooden box .. the similar one, but with different colour.

I always love anything white especially furnitures ! So, I painted it white, with distressing effects which appear a very dark espresso colour. I've used very light pink ribbon to compliment the mixture of dusty pink + cream and white hydrangaes in the vase.

So, this is what it looks like when I put it on my dressing table ....

I'll be posting another crafted box soon.. so come back for more updates ! TQ :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Smokey Eyes, With Nude Lips Look

This make up look is actually inspired by the front cover model of Marie Claire , issue February 2010. If you wanna know ... this is the only reason why I bought the magazine !! :p I tried to imitate the same colour and the same techniques of the make up, as best I can and I think the result is almost close to the actual one ! What do you think ? Enjoy viewing some of the photos ya ... :)

She's so gorgeous  !! Luv luv luv .. the eye make up !

The eye shadows blended a bit round at the corner of the eyes .. so that was what I did with my blending...

How did I achieve the nude lips like the model ? I used the Lip Erase by Mac and just top it with a lip glass

I didnt apply any blushers ... just contour the face with bronzer

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mac Spring Forecast Photos & Swatches

The latest MAC collections really drives me insane .. coz I Loveeee all of them especially The Spring Forecast Colour 1 & 3 !! This is the best collections so far since I've been collecting MAC stuffs. I wish that I can have all of them .. *sobs* but I have to start saving money for the next collection which is called Mac Give Me Liberty of London! and the Lady Gaga Viva Glam Lipstick too ! huhuuu ... Are you a sucker for beautiful packaging ? Well, I am ! I believe it will be available internationally on early April.  Look at themmm .. arent they adorable ?? Though I love MAC so much ... I always pray that I can stop this addiction coz God knows .. my pocket hurts ! Oucchh

MAC Give Me Liberty Collections (Photo Source:

Ok, Back to this Spring Forecast thingyy ... here are some photos of what I've purchased  and the swatches for all of them.... ( In my mind ... I still hope that I can get the other lip glasses which I really love but had to skip coz im on a budget and 2 more eye shadows !! Anyone want to sponsor ?? :P )

My regular routine before buying ;)

Must snap pic before taken out from the box ;) I collect the boxes too !

Stacked 1 ! is a must have ... the colours are gorgeous and the pigmentation is great !

Have you ever came across a queuing lippies ? hehehe

If I were to choose only one lip glass and a lip colour ... Laugh A Lot and Lavender Wind would probably be the one I picked up !