Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Katy Perry Inspired Look

Hi everyone :) I know that I've been away for quite sometimes. I actually have sooo many things to upload, to share here regarding everything that I did , but honestly.. I was busy .. and yeah still I am ! Im sorry for that , but I'll try my best to update it regularly. Oraiiit :)
I did a Katty Perry Look yesterday ... !woohoo.Actually I've been longing to do her make up look since from the past few months.. I even bought a pair of grey contact lenses, just because of this plan :p Yeaah she's got a beautiful  big round grey eyes .. isn't it ? So, I googled for her images , there aren't so many close ups though over the net. I was actually looking for a Katty Perry image with grey eyeshadows, coz she's always came out with that eye make up... but I thought that this one is kinda nice too.. with gold + brown eyeshadows + very barbie doll like pink lippie which you can wear this look for the daytime :)

She's soooo adorable. I heart her music, her style of make up, her appearance on stage, I love her big voice.. everything about her seems cool to me.

The make up look in this pic is very matte look.. no face contouring/ shading of the nose ( her face is already slim !) very2 simple to do and her face is flawless without any shimmers over her face except for the glittery gold eyeshadows  on the inner 1/2 of her eyes. I cant really imitate the eyebrow colour since my original colour is very dark black, so even if I fill in with very brown colour.. doesnt affect much, really.

Tadaaaaa .. here are a few pics of my version of katty perry inspired make up look !

Katty Perry likes to use a brighter eyeliner in the waterline either gold, or white but as you can see from her pic above, she's actually wearing a very deep yellow eyeliner which I dont havee !! ahaha .. so I use a light yellow instead. Doesn't really matter actually, the purpose of lighter colour on the lower eyes is to make your eyes look bigger and brighter !

To achieve a very flawless and matte face makeup like katty perry, firstly I applied a matt foundation by Chanel. I didnt use any blotting powder/compact powder.. if that sound familiar to you guys. I just set the foundation with very fine loose powder, as my skin doesnt have any problem with that. Some people whom may have very oily skin, might find that the application of compact powder for the last step is necessary ! It depends on your skin type as well. I dont really like to use compact powder coz it would make ur make up looks very heavy and cakey ( powdery ) unless you set it with Fix + or the similar thing. I dont like the use of Fix+ as well. My personal thought regarding that stuff is : it doesnt really make your makeup last longer and I find that it darken my skin after its been sprayed for about 1hr++ or so.. there's no other way other than to touch up ur face .. so always carry ur powder in your purse  !! hehe

The lippie: Its kind of barbie pink with a bit mauvey tone so I combined two lip colours which you can find in my product lists at the end of this post ...keep reading

I used a very bright pink blusher without no face shading like what Katty Perry worn on her cheeks ... I know that my face looks so chubby ok ! So, photography skill is the trick hehe.

Her eye make up always looks so natural , I mean the use of eye shadows colours.. Ive never came across her pics with smokey thing.. but she always do very thick eyeliner, kinda winged out and the flicks are quite strong. Thats the trick to make your eyes very sexy and quite sultry eyes.

The easiest way to do this flick eyeliner is by using a gel eyeliner using a very pointy eyeliner brush.I like to use brush by MAC #209 for this kind of eyeliner.

I use very matte highlighter, on the brow bone (Vanilla), inner 1/2 ( Honey Lust) and applied on top of honey lust with (Reflects Antique Gold) which you cant really see in this pic coz its been bleeched out by my camera flash ! oopps, Outer corner just on the lid (Brown Down + Cut To Fit) Crease, blend a little bit to smoothen the harsh edges along till the upper of inner eyes with ( Cork). All eyeshadows mentioned here are by MAC.

Actually if you see it properly, Katty Perry didnt use a very long eyelashes all the way on top of the eyes. Its just  very thick and longer on the outer corners only. But I just use what I have at the moment :)

I used NYX Jumbo Pencil In Yellow on the waterline. This is actually an eye makeup technique that will make your eyes look bigger ! Use a very light colour on the lower lashline as well or add just a very thin line of black eyeshadows along the lashes. The use of too much black for the eyes, is no doubt that it will define your eyes but at the same time will make your eyes look smaller.

Lists Of Overall Products:

All of the products used to complete the make up look.Foundation that gives a matte finish, Mat Lumiere by Chanel and  I combined two loose powders in yellow and the other one is in pinky tone.
Lipliner: Baby pink, Life's a breeze, Lipstick: Faux + Saint Germain by Mac. No usage of any glossy products on lips since Katty's lips is kind of very matte finish

Blusher: Peony by Bobbi Brown. A very nice dolly pinkish colour suits fair-olive skin tone

Reflects Gold Glitter by MAC. I used to wet the brushes with Fix+ or you can use the mixing medium by Make Up Forever to apply this thing coz its quite dusty and very loose glitter... so wetting the brushes will make the glitter sticks very well on the eyes

Bare study paint pot as the eye base and Blacktrack fluid line for the eye liner

The brushes I lovee that I always use to apply my make up
Zoom Lash mascara for longer, bigger volume to the lashes, Duo glue to stick on the falsies
And last but not least ... the list of eyeshadows : Vanilla for the browbone highlight, cork to blend on the crease, honey lust on the inner 1/2 of the eyes, and brown down + cut to fit on the outer half of the eyes.For the eyebrows, I outlined with Brunette eyebrow crayon + blend with espresso + cork by Mac

Ok guys, hope you enjoyed this post. Till then. xoxo :)

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efa fairuz said...


love the eyeshadow, especially the yellow eyeliner.. i like natural look, so this for me is kinda cool..


Miss N said...

same la..omigosh...i love ur makeup style..u ade buat personal makeup class x?

Hanis MY said...

lovely as always...

Nurulasyikin said...

cantikkkk yea!!!

Moose said...

1st time reading your blog and may i just say, masya Allah you are so talented and pretty!

i love all the explanation about the make-ups and all and would be great if you one day you could do a step-by-step tutorial on it.

Hanis MY said...

yuhuu..ana..huhu wish can see u for just a while.. tatau pun u r going back to kb..masa hari balik tu i had presentation and have to rush from lab to catch the train..my lappy buat hal takleh nak on huhu (that's why cannot update with U-Decay)..balik kb no internet at home..rasa terputus hubungan with everyone.. pastu tidur gilir2 at umah inlaws..lagi la limited time, huhu..so sorry my dear...

kelipkelipchumel said...

errmmmm...ok..kamu mimang hebatt..bout mekap2 things ni..bikin kelas utk daku pelissssss...ehehe...siyes ni..blk kb nt gtau oke..daku mimang 'tangan bangku' tang mekap2 ni

Anonymous said...

hye....nice makeup..same like makeupgeek rite?

sweet maniac said...

kelipkelip: hehe bc blog jer laa dh cukup

anoynymous: tq. makeupgeek?

brid3ofkayangan said...

dear.....u r so pweetie....makeup sgt kemas jugak...thumbs up...=)

nuptiles said...

this is amazinggggg...
I really love this look, its refreshing and bright.Super bright.
Reception buat macamni ok tak?
Boleh u send me ur service charges to my email


efa fairuz said...

ooo..org kelantan ke.. hehe.. same la

The Mama said...

reading and looking at your makeup post makes me happy. doesn't hurt to admire eye candy also. can you let me know what kind of contact lenses you're using ? thanks !

sweet maniac said...

thanx 4 the cmpliment :) ur comment makes me happy 2! The lense is sterling grey by freshlook !

Ashizu said...

amazing..sangat suka laa ur style.boleh tak mekap kan i on katy perry look for my wedding nt?

-mamamia- said...

love it. pls email me your makeup pricing (bridal/dinner). rohaya_n@yahoo.com