Friday, July 9, 2010

Some of my works ...

Some of my recent works on other faces :)

These are only the trials .. if you find any difference between the two eyes or anything .. please ignore.. coz I like people to get the ideas and show whats best for them + I myself likes to do experiments, ahaha.. thats how I learn.. practice on myself and on other faces too. Practice makes perfect ! Thats the key. If you just learn from other tutorials, read theories in books whatsoever.. you cant achieve anything if you dont practice and try diff. types of products. Practice + you need to invest on Make Ups ! a MUA at MAC used to say to me: Even if you use the same products with the one you refer too, the result wouldn't be the same! coz different people got diff. hands you know .. the result would never be the same with anyone, really ! So in short, just use whatever you have, use your own imagination, coz your taste depends on the results too.Anyhow, you are free to give any comments regarding it .. I'll be happy to hear anything from you :)

Nadia Before

Comparisons if using different types of camera .. good lighting is soo important for great pictures



sorry no "before make up" pic of her.. coz I forgot to snap that! eeww

Classic look. She's got a pretty exotic face

Nisha After: of two diff. lip colours

Ghan before: Peace No WAR !!

2 diff lashes: natural (L), more dramatic (R)

p/s: I'll be posting a tutorial ( upon requests) for a step by step to do the smokey eyes soon. I think, picture tutorials and some explanations would be easier for beginners to start doing your own makeup :)

Iza (Engagement Make Up)


Me (yang berpeluh2, pegang bahu dia sbb taknak bg slendang jatuh ok ..skema giler i :p) with lovely Iza


Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

eii..ghan is my besfren back then kat UIA dulu..comell :)

sweet maniac said...

ooh really. ghan tu my X roommate kt uia :)

Aida Narina said...

I suka make-up u buat for the lady in the fist pic tu :) Love it, but tak reti nak buat sendiri..:p

Nurulasyikin said...

besh ye leh makeover...cantikksss

Cik Nadia Bayu said...

eh nisha. tu kawan skolah rendah. sama ngan alia ;)

OpiYa OneL said...

waw! canteknya! & I love your katty perry look also! :)

maslina said...

salam. hai. kalau nak amik kamu mencantikkan saya di majlis nikah dan resepsi macamane ye? bulan 10 ini.