Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bridal Make Up for Bridal Photo Shoots Part 2

Here are some photos of the second model ..
Lydia: Before

After Make Over: For the first outfit, which is suitable for solemnization, I used a soft pastel eye shadows. Combination of soft pearl colour and purple on the outer V. Pink Lipsticks ! Yes of course ! .. to create a romantic sweet  look :)

Second Oufit
Still stick with the same eye make up .. I added a brighter colour of pink lipsticks ! more suitable for reception ...

Third Outfit

I changed the eye make up by layering pastel pink eye shadows on the lid and darken the outer V with dark purple

For this look , I toned down the lip colour by layering the previous lip colour with lighter pink shades to compliment the pink dress

The photos taken and posted in these two post ( Check for Part 1) .. are actually some kind of promo pics for a newly opened bridal boutique, located at Tok Bali Kelantan. Kindly visit the blog * listed on the sidebar  Dont forget to be a follower ! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bridal Make Up for Bridal Photo Shoots Part 1

Its been a loooooong time since I didnt update my blog ! I miss my blog as well as my blogger frenz so much ! I've been busy with my work , but here I am trying to give a lil update about what I'm up to these days ! :) So guys, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure ... click the photos to Enlarge !

First Model

Balqis Before

She was shocked coz I had mistakenly sprayed hair mousse !! Oh My ... I couldnt differentiate between hair spray and mousse ?? lol

                                                             She's got a beautiful smile...

Second Outfit

I just changed the colour of lips to compliment the dress and neutralize her cheeks a bit ... coz the makeup for
eyes and lips were already bright and strong

Third Outfit

From red lipstick to pink ! ...I added up a bit of green pigment on the lid and lower eyes ... changed the
colour of lips to dusty pink to change her look !

Part 2 to be continued ....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Threads Organizer + Latest Embroidery Work

Guess what ? Its already 1;40 am in the morning and Im still awake ! Im not in the mood to continue my embroidery work anymore ... its too damn late but I just feel like to post something before Im off to bed ! I was organising my threads this evening. Two handmade boxes which was made by my hubby to me as thread organizers had just finished ! ...so I thought of sharing it here in my blog :)

Very simple to make ! Isn't it a great gift idea as well ?

I added a matching satin ribbon to each of the box as decoration. Oh I love ribbon !! :)

For the time being.. actually I use several different boxes for organising threads.. according to colours and types

This box has three equal compartments to store my beautiful US hand dyed threads
The blue ones .. I just stash up in a Tin can ( chocolate tin)

You can find this kind of storage rack at any hardware stores / office supplies store
I sort the threads according to colours coz I think it would be easier for me to check the colour stocks ! hehe

I usually use a squared plastics bobbin to wind up the leftover threads.. coz if you stash up the extra floss just like that in one case, they tend to get attangle
If you buy the DMC bobbin, it comes along with stickers of the colour code that you can label each of your bobbin easily.
 Now its time to share my latest work ~!!
So , here are a few pictures of what i've been busy with these few days. Im currently working on a new creame hijab .. the choice of colours are spring inspired ! heehehe... combination of pink + purple + a bit yellow + rainbow colour and of course green for leaves.

Ever wondered how the wrong side of fabric would look like? I tried to make it as neat as possibe coz  thats important too !

Ok guys.. hope you find something useful ! Have a great time :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Arabic Make Up Look using Manly Eye Shadows

Hello ?? Im not a Ninja or Samurai ok !! hehe ...

Hey guys... I've tried this Arabic Make Up look by using the Manly eye shadow palette, since there are variable selections of bright colours ! Well .. I like to do variety of looks just for fun .. maybe I would try out some gothics .. fantasy .. and many more in the future ... Im not a PRO .. so I have to practice and practice ! :D Besides, this is my hobby  !
Here are a few pictures of my version of Arabic Make Up Looks for your viewing pleasure.. Most of Arabs tend to use bright colours of eye shadows and lip colour. They also like to use a lot of black and very thick eyeliner on top as well as on the lower lashline. But this look is not a wearable one. To make it wearable for dinner make up for example ... just dont bother to put that curvy eyeliner on the lower lashline and make the outer V simpler ... :)
Some people loves heavy face make up ... I mean very thick foundation and looks like you are wearing powder. You can apply liquid / stick foundation that has "full coverage". I dont prefer that cakey looks coz on the safe side.. I like my face to be flawless and looks like my own skin :) I try as best to apply just very lil foundation in my daily make up routine so that it will look natural and wont look like im trying too much to cover my face .. hehe.  But I admit, in some situations , like ( bridal or event make up) Malays pefer their make up to be heavy. .. coz you know, not all people have good skin right ? Luckily I dont have skin problems, its just that my face has minor scars plus my skin type is a combination one (oil + dry) so I have to avoid foundation that produce oils. But at some circumstances, I dont mind my face to look a "little" oily or best describe as glowy ... coz I think it means ur skin is healthy and looks fresh ! :p  (well its my point of view)  dont be mad at me ... hihihi ...Preferably, if you have oily skin ... look for foundation that has a Matte finish and use powder

that absorbs oils.
And.. it depends on what look you want to achieve too...
either you want it to be a dewy look ..? matte finish ? ... less coverage ... or very sheer ? it depends on ur taste buddy ... and your skin type !
There are many selections of foundations that you can choose ... lots and lots ... from different brands ..
Sometimes, Im confused too ! But the MA will help you at the counter ... no worries.
Okeh ! Forget about my daily make up routine .. I'll talk about it in my next.... next.... next ....next ... post ok ! I will share about it .. the time will come :) Maybe those that have the same type of skin as mine can benefits something from me... and I can benefit something from ur daily routine too ! Lets share :)

For this Arabic Make up ... I coloured my eyebrow with Black Eyeshadows :)
Head Accesories: I just took my earring and tied up with a necklace and pinned up the necklace  to my hair .. lol .. I dont have that head accesories .. so I had to be creative with just what I have ! hehe

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Manly Eye Shadows (Inexpensive Palette)

ATTENTION: This post is gonna be a long one ... my rambling about a product, which is the Manly Eye Shadow Palette. If you think that you dont need my opinion regarding this. Don't READ :) coz it will save ur precious time .. hehehe. Please Bare In Mind that .. this is my personal review and thoughts based on my experience. TQ :)

Have you ever heard about this very inexpensive make up palette ?? Im SURE you are VERY familiar with this palette ! You can easily get this stuff anywhere now and its quite popular among the "mak andam" or is it sounds better with the tittle : Make Up Artist... hehe coz its very cheap plus you get variety of different colours but most of them are very vibrant!

As far as Im concerned .. this kind of palette comes in many different brand ! ... but I think, all the diff brands are of the same kind of eye shadows. It is manufactured by either Hong Kong / China factory, hohoho ... Im not so sure about that ! Most of you would have this thought in mind .. is it safe to use beauty products from there ?? especially the eye shadows coz eyes are the most beautiful and sensitive part of human anatomy, right... so you have to be EXTRA concerned and EXTRA gentle regarding ur eye area. .... hmmmm what should I be telling you on this...

I cant tell you much on the safety of the eye shadows ... since I dont use these eye shadows as often/ regularly. I bought this palette a YEAR ago.. yess exactly .. around MARCH last year directly from Chinese supplier via the net. You can find the similar thing on ebay too... and there are a few blogs now that are selling this pallete as well. I cant recall how much was the exact amount that I paid for this including shipping ... I think it was around RM80 ...

But you know what ... since I bought this palette .. I never used it .. till somebody .. ( a fren) requested me to do an Arabic make up (which i'll be posting pictures in the next post) ! huhu.. so you know arabic make up requires vibrant colours! FYI.. since I bought this a year ago.. I only used this once to achieve the Arabic make up look, which was a few days ago ... I repeat ... once ! I Love the eye shadows, really  !!!  but I only wear make up on special occasions... so, instead of using this .. I prefer to use my MAC ... coz they are more expensive and I just feel like it would be such a waste if I've spent a lot of money on that but never used it ! So, better make full usage on more expensive items that I bought rather than this one .. LOL. Well thats my point of view ... but if you are on a budget, this is a perfect selection ! ... coz spending on MAC eye shadows are crazzyy .. one eye shadows costs you about RM57 .. you have to have at least 4 eyeshadows .. which total about RM ... hmm you calculate that yourselve .. ok ? hehehe ... ok nevermind .. simple calculation only. The Total is = RM228 !  The price of 3 "120" Manly eyeshadow palette .. hehehe.

BUT ... if you are a type of person that only use the same colour of eye shadows everytime ... you only go for natural shades ... only the BROWNS I mean ... I recommend you to buy the one that give you full satisfaction... and the best result that you desired for. ... and the most important thing is .. you buy only the colours that you want and will wear them ! This palette is prefferable for those who likes to experiment with colours coz there are a plenty of beautiful shades that you can play around with.... plus its not that expensive! Cool isnt it ?

Some things you might want to know about this product:

The size of each eyeshadow is approximately the size of 10c coins.
The palette size is 22.5cm x 14.5 cm


- The eye shadows are higly pigmented and great colour pay off
- Inexpensive for 120 colours of eye shadows
-Different colour selections from bright, dark, neutrals and for highlights
-The size of palette is very compact and easy storage
-Most of the colours are very easy to blend


-The quality is not as good as the high end brands ... the texture and colour pay off is different

- The eyeshadows are quite powdery / chalky so they tend to have many fall outs during application.

- They are also very soft and fragile. Extra care when handling these eye shadows are needed.
Mine, even got damaged during shipping !
- Some of the colours are so close to each other .. and maybe you wont be needed too many shades of yellow for example.
- These eye shadows of course will not last longer compared to high end brands without applying your eye primer first ! Most of high end brands also dont last .. it will break within hours but these eye shadows lasting power is poorer !

But with the price of only below RM100 ... I think its a worth buy ! So, Give it a Go and play around with the colours :)