Friday, April 2, 2010

Make Up look Inspired by a Bird

Last night I was so depressed due to work load.. so everytime I feel the tense inside, I like to play around with my make up ! hehe :D

Look, how beautiful the creations of God ! It is a brightly coloured bird , and its called the difficult to pronounce...Yariguies Brush-finch. The bird is named after the Yariguies indigenous tribe who give their name to the mountain range where the bird was found. This bird has striking blue black , yellow and red plumage.

I tried to use the combination colour of that bird for my eye shadows this time :) Love the result ! But Its not wearable. I wont go out of my house with three striking colours on my eyes like this for sure!! LOL.

I dunno what I was doing actually ... but it turned out to be quite artistic for me :p With crappy eyeliners. I only did to 1 eye .. and if I did the same thing to another eye , im sure it wont be symmetrical :p Well, thats the fact .. its so hard to achieve both eye make up very similar to each other  ! I didnt even apply foundation whatsoever .. so here it is .. you can only see one of my eyes .. the one on the right :)


efa fairuz said...

the eyeliner looks fantastic..really imitated the bird.. u know what, u really do have artistic hands.. :D

sweet maniac said...

thanx for the compliment dear :)