Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Siti Khatijah Syarina Part 2 ~ Kepong

Date: 18th & 19th June, 2011
Event: Groom's reception and Outdoor Photo shoot


The Bride And Groom

The Dais - if anyone interested to rent this dais you can contact this number
0146442299 - kak yati andam


sorry for the bad picture quality coz pics were taken in a dark room ;(

1 outdoor picture shot by the official photographer (Azrul Sham) for ThePhotographer. Click HERE to directly jump to its official website.

To CT and Ajiem, Congratz on your wedding. I feel honoured to be part of the most joyous occasion in your life ! Zillion thanx for hiring me to do your makeup for 5 sessions! Really2 appreciate your trust and support ;) Wishing u both a lifetime of everlasting love and happiness!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Siti Khatijah Syarina Part 1 ~ Kuantan

Date: 11th & 12th June, 2011
Event: Solemnization (morning), Malam Berinai (Night), Reception (Noon session)

I did her makeup for 5 sessions ,different looks for each session: (Solemnization, Malam Berinai, both Reception on bride and groom's side, and outdoor session) Ill upload more pics in part II for another two sessions in KL ;)
ct before make up


the nikah outfit is open for rental. anyone interested ? please email me (click the contact tab for email add at the top of page) for inquiries. tq

photo source: from the official photographer (azrul sham) for thephotographer. Check out their creative art works HERE

Malam Berinai:

Reception ~ Kuantan:

photo credit to: Azrul Sham for The Photographer

Reception dress by Man Kajang, provided for D'Nora Boutique, Kuantan

To be continued in Part II

Syahirah Pandan Indah ~ Solemnization

Date: 17th June, 2011
Event: Solemnization, Night session

Congrats and thanx ! May you have a blissful marriage ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NYX Nude On Nude S119 Palette swatches + the look

Hi beauties ;) sorry for my late update regarding this palette... as usual, Ive been busy with works.. I really apologize for those who've been waiting to know the rest  info regarding this palette,  and where to get it. Read more if you are curious ....

This palette is said to be the dupe for the famous Urban Decay Naked Palette. It has 20 eye shadow colours which are all very pigmented and very nice shades for daily to night make up. Whats more interesting, it includes 10 shades of lip colours in a separate drawer, where you have to actually pull out from the bottom case. A genius design I would say coz I dont like when a palette combines cream + powder product in a single palette coz the powder have the tendency to dust outside its pan and mixed up with the cream product. 

 Urban Decay Naked Palette. Since the palettes always sold out at sephora, so I ordered 4 of this from my sister who went to London last month ! I planned to publish them and put on sale on my blog but they are already sold out! Those who joined the class make up the other day had grabbed them before I even advertise 'em in my blog hehe ;)

I also have the Naked Palette, but I found it to be not really similar in pigmentation and texture though some of the colours in this palette are quite the same with the one in Naked (of course the Naked eyeshadows are better in pigmentation and they are silky smooth when swatched! ) but for the price, this one is more worth since it offers lots more colours and it includes the lip products as well, makes it a better choice for travelling ;) You can create lots of different looks just by using the eyeshadows + lip colours in this palette, awesome !!

The colour swataches of NYX Nude On Nude eyeshadows  + lip colours:

The first 5 upper row

The first 5 bottom row

The other 5 on top row

The last 5 at bottom row

The Lip Swatches:

Now, its time to show my FOTD using this palette !

 If you wonder about the shawl Im wearing in this pic: Its from Miryaa's Collection
click the link to jump to their FB Fan Page.

The pic taken from my previous post... to be honest,it was snapped by using my Nokia phone ;p without flash ...
I was also suprised to see how flawless my make up had turned out using a camera phone. Dont be fooled by the pic coz I dont have a great skin, haha ... so the usual camera does tell you the truth about the actual make up ! I've also made a comparison between eye makeup with/without wearing coloured contact lenses. It gives a big impact to your eyes, trust me ! provided that you snap your pics not too close to your eyes, coz it really shows how fake you look with the contact lenses on  ! what ashamed !

Showing you the eye makeup first:

This is a close up picture of the eye makeup before applying falsies and without coloured lense. Ive chosen the yellow bronzey colour to be on the lid and a dark taupe brown on crease.  You will be suprised of how it had turned out after the two colours blended together ! Refer below picture to see the actual colour in the pan:

Colour on lid: The yellow bronzey, (bottom row, on third column) , crease and lower lashes (bottom row, last column)
Highlight on the browbone: White colour (first column at the bottom row)

For eyebrows: I've used a light greyish taupe (First on top)

For this look, I had used this falsies by Ardell #113. Pretty dramatic, so I didn't apply mascara to the falsies to make it appear more natural.

See how the falsies gives more definition to your eyes

I just love how the two colours blended together. It gives a slightly green tone in between the mixture, though I only used two colours, the resulting shades are 4 tone ! yellow, green, dark brown and a wash of light brown, if you notice ;)

and the effect of using that falsies combine with a slightly flick eyeliner makes my eyes look  sultry and seductive *blush*

Very close up picture taken with flash. I can say that the flash did not wash out the intensity of the eyeshadows.. it photographs really well here. The yellow on lid has a slightly sheen to it but not too much, I can say its a satin finish while the brown colour is not too matte neither too satiny finish but it's really easy to blend.

see how it turned out after I wore the coloured contact lenses, in turqoise by Fresh Look. I didnt use flash here coz it turned out really fake and scarry if its taken very close up ! 

The makeup look with my original brown eyes

The totally Fake makeup looks with turqoise eyes ;p

As for the lips, I've mixed two colours (second + ninth ) from the palette, to get that light fuschia (pinkish purple).
Blusher: Nuance (MAC Mineralize Blush)

Well I think thats all for now. 
Hope you enjoyed reading this post, and Ill try my best to update with other interesting products to share some other time. Thanx for visiting my blog and have a great day ahead ! :))