Monday, June 6, 2011

Sakinah Sabak Bernam ~ Groom's Reception

Date: 4th June, 2011
Event Session: Noon Reception

I did her makeup for solemnization as well .. refer this link here : sakinah's solemnization make up
If you wanna know sakinah is the granddaughter of Seniwati Dato' Sarimah Ahmad ;)

since I have forgotten to snap her before makeup pic.. so I think its ok if I share the one I took previously , on the day I did her makeup for akad nikah , opps ! sorry ya

Thanx for hiring me for two sessions ;)


NUOP said...

You are a very talented Make Up Artist, and I'm following your blog cause your job is just great!
Can you tell me what products did you use on the bride, please, I want to recreate this look on me for a special occasion.

sweet maniac said...

thanx for the compliment can use light and dark purple for the eyes + peach mixed pinky blush+ light pink lipstick for this look ;)

NUOP said...

Thank you!

Azlinda Rusli said...

Slm ana,
Again u hv an amazing touch, I always find it difficult to choose which eyeshadow color to go with blue attire..and the lip color is really nice..May i know which shade of pink are u using? From MAC i believe?
Looking forward for more blog updates frm u..


sweet maniac said...

hi linda. thank you ;))
btw, the bride's dress is not blue but light grey ;) I think ive used sandwash pink by bobbi brown + light pink gloss on her lips

Azlinda Rusli said...

Ana,thanks alot for the info..really appreciate it.. :))