Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nani Kelana Jaya ~ Solemnization

Date: 4th June, 2011
Venue: Kompleks Tabung Haji, Kelana Jaya
Time: Night session

As usual, I forgot to snap the before makeup pic !! ugh
Here are a few pics from diff. camera settings for your viewing pleasure ;)

To Nani + hubby, Congratz on your wedding ! May you have a prosperous and happy married life together. Thanx for hiring me to be your MUA for ur special day, really appreciate it :)


norshafinaz bt abd jalil said...

on julai dh tak amek ke? so sad :( igt nk akak yg makeup kan.

sweet maniac said...

hehe. im only available on 3rd july dear. coz the pengantin has changed her wedding date to november. ill be in my hometown for 3 mnths starting from july-october.. end of oct start balik ambik job. sorry ya