Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Activity

Hi guys :) Actually I have so many things to share with you all .. but recently, Im so busy with my workloads! So, Im sorry for that. I wish that I could have someone to snap pics and do the resizing things and uploading the pics for me .. LOL .. coz thats the most boring things to do in LIfe ! :p

So how was your weekend ? What did you do ? I hope your weekend went well ! As for me, I had to finish up some works .. personal.. business... bla bla... but shopping is a must ok ! :D

Here are some multi taks that I did over the weekend !

*Wall painting

Look at thaaaaat .. the room was pretty terrible, I guess it was due to moisture accumulation.. hmm maybe ? Eventhough I rent this house.. I think I had to change the look of this room coz my eyes couldnt stand looking at the dull, dirty wall, anymore. I came across a sentence, "the colour of your room, is the last thing you see before you go to bed, and the first thing you see when you wake up" yeaah its true ! In my case.. this is happened to my working room .. so too bad.. coz I had to see the wall the whole day ! it really affects my mood.

So, this is the finish look ! It took me and hubby about an hour plus to paint this small room.I chose very light blue, coz its the most relaxing out of the colours.  Besides, blues are fresh, harmonious and easy to combine, since most of my furnitures are white, so I think they suits best with blue ! :) Im so happy with the finish results, and the light colour makes the room seems wider too ! In case you are wondering... I used Nippon Paint Odourless in colour dewykiss.

* Sewing Curtain

Just the most easiest french pleat curtain ! This is the only pattern I know how to sew for the time being ... I learnt only this pattern from my mum coz I just love this simple one :) I've been longing to buy Laura Ashley curtain fabrics, but ooh with the price tag is too high.. I had to wait till they are having sales ! And yess finally, they are having sales up to 50% off for most of the women apparels , 20% for fabrics, and just 10% for some of small items including their pretty boxes ! from 26th May for a month.

light blue wall, n some pinks stuffs. accesories for the decorations.. it would create a soft romantic english look .. i love it !

*Embroidery Thingy

This is actually a must for me, everyday ! Not only on weekends ... *sigh*

So, this is the embroidery hijab that im currently working on... its a combination of orangey + dark browns daisies on a pastel green voile.. ordered by a customer ( which is my sister .. lol) to match her baju kurung :) She asked me to embroider flowers thats quite similar to her orchid pattern kurung.

*Wedding gift boxes

Custom made and originally designed by me .. ordered from a friend for his hantaran on the 6/6/10 ! Still working on some other boxes... so will be posting on the full gubahan after the solemnization date.. so stay tuned :)

*Shopping !!

So some stuffs that I bought during my weekend shopping are ....

Also bought from Laura Ashley at 10% off, a set of three boxes. Damask flower of two contrasting colours, pink and creame. Pretty !!! They have 2 sets actually , and the other is in teal + emerald colour. Hard to decide .. but I took pink coz it matches my curtain :)

As always, as usual ! :p Very attractive packaging and colours of the products .. so I had to buy a few stuffs from this collections  and the superglass too are awesome !!*sigh* but still got no time to post an entry regarding this :(

Some great findings at The Street, The Curve (only on weekends , Sat-Sun till 10pm)RM20 for each of the items. Sold at diff. stalls

The false lashes available there, are great dupes for MAC lashes .. no brand but made of natural hair/ not the synthetic one

You can find several brushes which are quite similar to the MAC ones .. but not of the same quality hence the low prices. But for me , the quality is fine ...Some are made of squirrell furr, and a few of sythentics brushes. Great for starters ! I bought one for experiment .. hehe.. and it works great . This angle brush is quite larger than the one used for applying gel eyeliners, maybe great for applying the powder one... but i'll be using this for eyebrows instead !

the last one ...

A cutey bracelet. I picked up this one coz its got some hanging cutey miniatures of things that I love.. lipstick, handbag and shoes :)

So thats all  for now,about my weekend activities. Have a great day ahead ! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trial Make Up for Solemnization

Looks requested: very2 natural for akad... earth colours...

Alia: Before. she looks gorgeous even without make up right. she reminds me of wardina safiyyah
Alia. after make up

Have a great weekend guys !! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My New Coco Rouge Chanel Review and Swatches

Hello everyone :)

If you are looking for a perfect lip colour that feels like not wearing anything on your lips , this is the one !! Oh this is my new LOVE lipstick ! love the scents (It has very soft vanilla roses and fruity raspberry scents .. but I feel like it has slightly a scent of paper too , haha weird.. but I love to smell certain papers, for real ), , the black packaging looks pretty smart, the embossed chanel initials on the lipstick is a fab thing, long lasting , very light weight formula so it applies smoothly, doesnt dry up my lips coz the formula contains a compound called Hydratendre Complex to soothe and soften lips. The moisture is not sucked up by lips even after long hours of wear .. well everything is perfect! I feel like collecting a few more colours from this range.. but not at once for sure ! Its pretty expensive for a lipstick but worth the investment ! :)
Lets compare Coco Rouge with my other fav lipsticks.

                                         1 Aqualumiere which was given to me and 2 Rouge Coco

Coco Rouge   NET 3.5g / 0.12 OZ  ~     Hydrating Creme, sheer to intense finish   RM95
Mac Lipsticks  NET 3g / 0.1 US OZ  ~ (Many types of finishes)            Price: RM63

Bobbi Brown Rouge NET 3.4g / 0.12 OZ   ~ Creamy and Semi Matte,impart very good coverage RM70

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge NET 11mil/0.3fl.oz  ~ Cream-based formula which is great on both cheeks + lips.. very sheer and stained finish RM95. worth buy coz it can be used for 2 diff applications.

So among these three .. of course Chanel is the most expensive but you are getting a different feel, i guarantee! I like Bobbi Brown ranges too coz it has more earthy natural colour ranges which I loveee so much ! It has many selections of pink/peach brownish colours gret for rosey looks ! While MAC has more variety of colours and different finishes to choose from. Besides, the price is affordable yet the colour ranges are more FUN to play with :)
The swatches, Mademoiselle 05 is the most popular colour in Chanel's Coco Rouge collection which Vanessa Paradis is wearing (according to source from an article in a magazine)

This is how Mademoiselle looks on my lips. It is a pink colour with a hint of brown (creamy rose colour) which is supposed to be flattering on all skin tone ! I would wear this shade during the day .. very natural colour but also suitable to be worn during night time.. and I must say it compliments smokey eyes too ! esp. brown smokey eyes :) It looks pretty matte .. so add up a tiny bit of gloss on top for a glossy look

L-R: Mademoiselle, Tulle Brown (Bobi Brown) , when I got back home. I found these two are quite similar... hmmm. Its a great dupe if you are looking for cheaper price lip colour. This is my no #1 fav. so far among all other colours from this collection.

Legende is a more pinkish, doesnt show up really matte compared to Mademoiselle.. it has slight shine ... more to fuschia colour but not too striking. For me its pretty natural too and can be worn during the day

Aqualumire~Monte Carlo ( Which I got for FREE :p) is pretty sheer .. its like just applying gloss but of course not feeling sticky at all. Its a light coral colour with some gold sheen but not too frosty. Perfect for daytime. Aqualumiere is great for dry lips as well , very moisturize, not creamy, it applies smoothly.  I love this lipstick and the colour too.. is amazing !

My daytime look wearing Mademoiselle under yellow light with flash

Under natural light without flash

Close up eye make up , suitable for daytime.. very natural brown, black smudgy eyeliner and I blend a lil bit of purple colour so that it doesnt look too boring with just brown eyeshadows. This make up would make the grey eye colour pops out.

p/s: Crazy over Mademoiselle... at the moment, this lipstick is what I always carry in my handbag whenever im out anywhere :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MAC Pret A Papier Haul and Reviews

 "Craft Paper Couture – an inspired idea cut like a pattern and whipped up into a frisky little “funny face” frock. Then, strip it back to its essence for Summer 2010 for a Pret-a-Papier colour collection. It was a Project Runway challenge of sorts, with paper as the source, the instigator of ideas, the beginning of something simply, basically beautiful. Lipstick, LipGlass, Eye Shadow, Paint Pot, Chromografic Pencil, Studio Fix Lash, Impeccable Brow Pencil, Sheertone and Mineralize Blushes, and Nail Lacquer in a seamless spectrum of parchment-to-vellum beiges, with an occasional, clever colour spill, coral among the most au courant.”

The first summer collections by MAC which is Pret A Papier , is already in stores last 2 weeks !!..  Oh my Goodness .. I feel ashamed coz I've been keeping this post for a long time .. coz you know, I'm allergic to  photo tranfers, editing , cropping, resizing .. and uploading !! It makes me sick  .. coz I feel its a waste of time  .. though I love photography very much :) But dear readers,, I really wanna share some infos that I know.. I'll try my best k to give the best pictures and reviews of some make up items that I purchased  only! :) 

Honestly... I'm not really impressed with the products though I admit that the promo pics are so attractive n super creative...Good job there !! Hence I picked up only a few goodies... just some eye things and a blush :)  I didnt get any of the lipsticks, lipglasses , eyebrow pencils which is the repromote item s and I already got them from All Ages, All Sexes collections , the mineralize blush  is not suitable for my skin tone , and though the nail lacquers are gorgeouss !! I dint pick up any since I dont wear them ! lol.. The collections were released in the U.S on April 22nd, 2010 and the International Launch Date is May 2010.  I believe Pret A Papier is a french word which means "ready paper" (google translate) ...  but some of the brochure translated it to Pulp -A- Fashion ... pronunciation: Pghet ae' Pe-pi-yer

Pretty cool display at the store
From L-R clockwise: Bamboo (Matte), Memorabilia (Matte), Cut to Fit ( Frost), Gazette Grey (Velvet), Tissue Weight (Frost)

These are the swatches under not so great lighting ! sorry guys.. so its not worth to label since they r barely seen ! darn... but the most obvious swatches at the centre are the lipglasses ! great for those who loves coral ... from L-R: Pret-A-Papier,Fold-N-Tuck (C-Thru (Creame)(Its permanent .. so no rush ) and some swatches of the eyeshadows at the bottom

Paper crafts prototypes of lipsticks, scissors, buttons, eyeshadows and blusher as decorations at the store .. luv3x !

Some goodies that I had purchased. from Top Left ,Clockwise: Coral crepe paint pot, Instant Chich Blush, Bamboo.. Cut To Fit and Gazette Greys e/s.

Cut To Fit (Frost) : Its a frosted Red Bronze .. very beautiful colour ! perfect for all skin tone.. well pigmented,great texture .. n blendable. its my top fav. among other 5 e/s
Bamboo (Matte). Beautiful light beige with peach undertone. Great for lid colour and for those who lovess neutrals for natural day time look. Contour the crease with darker shades of browns or add up other striking colours like Pink / Purple or even dark Greys/ Black. Can combine with many contrast colour ! Love this !

Gazette Greys ( Velvet): A unique colour ! Dark green grey with gold pearl. Great for smokey eyes effect. Love this too ! :)

The swatches: From L-R: Cut to Fit, Gazette Greys and Bamboo 

These are the only eyeshadows that I picked up out of 5 ! The purple one is a beautiful colour too .. but since I have so many purples.. I had to skip it this time *sobs*  have to cut my budget on this... but Memorabilia is a recommended colour for those looking for purple shadows ! I might change my mind and go get that as well .. anytime for my collections... hehe

Instant Chic Blush. Very cool colour.. perfect for Asian skin ! Its very sheer since its a sheertone blush.. but can be buildable if applied many layers. An alternative blush for Melba (permanent mac range).. but its lighter colour than melba and more to corally like. Love this !

Some comparisons between the two. Painterly vs. Coral Crepe, latest edition

Swatches of the pretty blusher and coral crepe paint pot

 Feel free to click this image for better view ! :)

Comparisons if using coral crepe as a base and without any base. The eye shadows stands out more, but the colour of the actual eye shadows would slightly changed on top of the base. It depends on you, what colour you would like the eye shadows to appear. This coral crepe paint pot is more suitable with pinky/coral/orange eyeshadows that has slighly peach / orange / gold undertone

Some comparisons if using different colour eye base ..very important ! What would be the appearance of eye shadows if a natural colour base is used ? I think the actual colour would stand out more on top of natural base.

Note: For those whom are not familiar with Paint Pot and never used this product before... Painterly Paint Pot is recommended ! Among all other paint pots available at MAC, painterly is the most suitable / basic colour that suits everyone and it can be used with variteies / large selections of eye shadow colours. Painterly Paint Pot is very suitable for most of asian skin tones and perfect for those having Oily lids. Eye base is very important to reduce the possibility of eye shadow creasing / breakouts for longer hour wearing.. and its good to make your eye shadows stand out more ! I took the coral crepe coz I think it suits more for orangey/coral eye shadows .. perfect for summer .. yess definitely coz Malaysia is fairly hot n humid throughout the year ! :)

Hope its been useful ! Tq for reading :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Simplest, Moderate And Heavy Embroidery Pattern

Lately, Im in the mood of doing the embroidery hijab....very grateful! I was once a serious embroider before... coz due to many orders.. so I had to work on that, the whole day, everyday ... never stopped ( except for eating, sleeping and bz with chores of course! :p) and then suddenly I just felt bored just to concentrate on this thing ! Its kinda stressful if you make your hobby as your full time job ! dont you think ? Well .. I do embroidery alternately with other works now, like doing craft projects, practice my make up (as usual :p) ... readings ... watching tv .. and facebook  !! :p yeaahh .. these are my regular routine now. But then again, this make me totally stressed out too !! ha ha... coz, it took me about several days.. sometimes a week just to finish up 1 hijab ! So this means: Lack of concentration = Slow Income growth = Minimum shopping Activity = STRESS!! :D  In conclusion ... better to be stressful at first rather than to suffer  in the end  ;)
I've finished with three diff. patterns. One is simple, moderate design and another one which can be considered as heavy embroidery coz its a combination of many diff. stitches and diff flowers.
Here are some photos that I wanna share. Enjoy ! :)

The Simplest One.Scattered Single Rose . Very simple but nice. A gift to a friend... hope she likes it !

The moderate one is inspired by the rose carved earings. I couldnt find the exact pattern over the internet, so here is the closest to the actualy pattern that I saw in a magazine.
A Rose .. In a Rose ...

The back of Hijab ... worn by a model (which is my sister :p )

I aways loveee the combination of roses + hydrangaes

I can play with lots of colours if there's hydrangae in a pattern ...

For this one, I mixed creame, peachy colour, some browns, greens for leaves, and purple floss

Remember this hijab ? I've already posted a few "in the making of this hijab" pictures, in my previous embroidery entry ... So this is the finished piece after embellished with swarovski crystal beads .... Back view

The front view of the hijab....

Im currently working on another hijab at this moment... so come back soon for my embroidery updates ya ! Have a great day :)