Sunday, March 28, 2010

Achieve Different Look With Just One Eye Makeup


I have created different look with just 1 eye make up and a simple touch up makes the whole thing different again ... In this case I use brown + black eye shadows where I think these colours suits every colour of lipsticks ! .. and any skin tone can wear browns , of course :)  Are you agree with me ?? This is the reason why I love any shades of brown eye shadows ! :)

Look #1 I match it with very bright orangey red colour lipstick . Its Lady Danger by MAC ! What a beautiful name for this lippie.. and a beautiful colour too ! My sister told me that I look really dangerous in this pic .. hahaha ... its because of the bright lip , and yess it is , the name tells everything ! This look is suitable for night out.

Ok, since both the eye makeup and red lips are strong n heavy .. blushers are banned ! LOL ... unless you want your face to look like a clown hehe. But I countoured my cheeks a bit with darker powder for the thinner slimmer face effect.

If you see my photos properly.. you can see I have a scar on just above my eye scoket :(  ...dont really remember how I got that scar ... I dont really care about it actually but its quite tough to blend the eye shadows in that area.

Look #2 is kinda orangey look ... the same eye make up + Fresh Salmon lipstick (from the spring forecast 2) + Coral shimmer blush by Bobbi Brown and I've used Refined Golden MSF as highlight on the upper cheekbone and on the bridge of nose.

This eye make up techniques, where you put darker colour on the lid and blends UPward with a brown eyeshadows .. suitable for smaller eyes / asian eyes. Your eyes will look bigger .. this eye make up is considered as smokey eyes.

I contoured my "mini" double chin LOL.. Im getting chubbier everyday which makes me worried.. but I Love Food ! :(

Look #3 : I've changed the look by changing the blusher to MAC Azalea Blossom (Blush Ombre) + Perfect Topping MSF as highlight and Show Orchid Lipstick. The lip colour is one of my fav. now .. its bright fuschia pink ... to change the colour of blusher , I just simply neutralize it with MSF natural of my shade first before applying a different colour

Just play around with colours and you will know what's the best colour on you  ! Remember, the best make up artist is YOU .. coz you know your face more than anyone else :)  The key is, practice coz practice makes perfect and by using the right tools especially the eye make up brushes :)

Look #4: The next one .. I toned down the look with a lighter shades of pink and this is Saint Germaint ( from the Sugat Sweet Collections released last year).
I really think that the make up ... compliment the inner scarf that Im wearing .. :)

I know that I look stupid here .. oh gosh .. my fake smile is horror ! but I think the eye make up is pretty clear here  .. and I still want to show that ! Just ignore my stupid smile okeh :p

Look #5:  And last but not least , the final look !!I toned down the lip colour a lil bit more by applying just a natural colour lip glass. With the same eye make up ... but this time,I added a lil bit of bright pink colour on the lid .. on top of black. This time I used the pigments from stack #1 ( spring colour forecast 1) ... pink + black .. it turned out to be Purple ! Isn't that amazing ? We can get a different colour after mixing ... so if you dont know the mixing formula .. the colour chart wheel can help ! It can be purchased at any crafts stores.

Taraaa ...

My eye make up looks different right ? Its purple + brown colour. I also added a lil bit of purple eye shadows on the lower eyes just on top of black and blend.

This is a close up photo where you can see the false lashes are attached to the closest as possible to the original lashes ... so that It looks like its your original lashes ... I dont like to see.. or I can say I hate it when it has a gap .. between the fake one and your own lashes . It looks pretty terrible ! So, avoid that ok :)

This final look is my fav. one . I like the look of heavy eye make up with natural lip colour ... For this look .. I erase the previous lip colour with lip erase and applied Lavender Wind lip glass ( Spring forecast colour 3)

Ok, till then ! My long post with lots of pics .. hopefully wont make you feel bored ! Tell me what you think ... Thank You and have a nice day :)


Nadia Bayu said...

wow~~ im speechless babe. all the looks looked so incredibly amazing. but i love look #4 and #5 the most! :) all the inner scarf too especially pink+purple.

bile la dpt jumpe ko ni :(.

efa fairuz said...

i vote for look #2 n #3.. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have never worn my eye makeup in such a creative and bold and striking fashion! you look fab!

I love all the looks!

I should be more like you and try it sometime....


So Shabby Pink said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have really pretty eyes to start with and the different ways you enhance them is wonderful!

Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

superb gorgoeus..feel like hiring u for my wedding in the future :)

Бέþþŷ Ïяåm said...

WoW! Interesting Article... Nice work! Wish you all the best :)

Бέþþŷ Ïяåm said...

btw... you look gorgeous! ^.^
all the make-ups were just totally awesome and great!