Thursday, February 25, 2010

Handmade Embroidered Tudung/ Headscarf/Hijab

I woke up early this morning at 7 a.m and still havnt take a nap yet to finish up my embroidery work ! I'm feeling so exhausted now ... coz sewing is kinda tiring for the eyes and I feel back ache at the base of the neck.. lol. But still .. Im not done yet with this thing !

I would like to share a lil bit about this as requested by some friends ... thanx for your interest :) I've been doing this Embroidery hijab business since 3 years back but I started learning embroidery after I finished my high school ( about 9 years ago).... at that time my sister was doing a small smocking dress business, so she taught me how to do smocking to make her life simpler ...  so I did the smocking part and she sew the dress ! I then realized that embroidery was more interesting than smocking .. so I slowly learnt by myself just thru books. So here are two latest embroidered hijabs that I've been working these two weeks. The material of this hijab is voile and the hem stitch is done along both sides.

I started doing business on this because.. people admire this embroidery hijab everytime I wear them... since that, Im getting more and more customers ... this is also the reason why .. till now I never applied for jobs, though I dont deny that deeep down inside of me.. I envy with my friends who are employed :(

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Antique Wooden Box

This is my first trial of distressing techniques for the antique look, like most of shabby chic style furnitures... Does it look like one ? hehe.  Well this was a trial an error version of the box and trays that I've made where you can view it in my previous entry. I decided to just go plain without distressing for the "hantaran" trays ... due to time constraints.

sorry for the poor quality image coz it was snapped using a phone camera

For this box, I layered the first coat with pink colour and the main coat is greyish blue. It is a multi purpose box actually, where you can make it as a vase and arrange your fav. flowers in it to give any room in your home an instant lift, bright and romantic enviroment :))  or .. make it as a storage box to organize your stuff! Its also a great idea to display some of your fav. books in the living ... or in the guests room ... for their reading pleasure...

To add : I always adore the shabby chic style interior deco and I'm dreaming to have a country cottage style house someday !! amin

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wooden Tray and Box for Hantaran ( Gifts)

These are the wooden tray/ box that me and hubby been working for lately.. especially for my dear friend who has getting married last friday.

These were the wedding gifts from bride to groom. Actually, I was suppose to decorate these according to her colour theme which was (black, red and grey theme).. where I planned to paint the box, with grey colour and use a black ribbon instead of white....and decorate it with the same red roses + white hydrangaes (this time I just use artificials, I have to follow the customer's budget, my priority !)  ... unfortunately, the greenish grey paint that I bought turned really minty green as I paint the wood ... and another bluish grey paint turned very light blue !!

So I decided to paint the box with pretty peachy pink colour so that it compliments the red roses :) Pink will always make something looks very sweet and romantic, isn't it ? I designed this box which is inspired by a corsets , and this thing can change the way it looks by just changing the colour of ribbons and flowers. I will make another set of this design which will be painted with white so that I can have multi ways to match with other diff. colours according to theme. Oh, one more thing is .. there will be 1 set of all pails/tubs of diff. size for rental soon.

To work on these woodcraft thing was kinda depressing job for me coz I dont like the sanding process ... yes, and it makes your palms, rough .. so, my advice: use a lot of hand lotion after finish your work ! hee hee

I decided to create my own trays and boxes coz I couldnt find the one that satisfy my needs .. There are only limited English designs trays in our market place and people use the same ideas for every wedding. So, think out of the box sometimes for some refreshing looks. I'm currently working on other design of "hantaran" ideas which are exclusively handmade and open for rental service.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Reception Makeup For My Dearest Friend

Im so happy that my dear friend, Faradella, has tied the knot on the 18th Feb, 2010. Congratulationss !!We've been friends for almost 18 years now !! Oh Goshh, the time has passed so quickly.. it sometimes feels scary coz we didnt even notice about it. Life is short, so do as much good deeds as possible in this worldly life guys, coz we are actually on our journey "back" to our creator !

Well, It was such an honour for me to do her makeup on the reception day. I felt so grateful coz my close friend has put the trust on me :) Here are some of the pictures during the make up sessions.. but I forgot to snap her pictures before the makeup ... my bad :(

If you notice, I've used a purplish pink lip colour with a lil bit of silvery gloss (dazzleglass) just on the center of lips, coz I made a simple bridal bouquet for her that has got few purple shade roses. So the lip colour and the bridal bouquet compliment each other ..which is very important !! and the silvery glossy look coz the dress was black + grey colour.

I considered this as a bridal bouquet for spring ... coz as far as I'm concerned, this year spring colour trend is full of pink + purple hues, though I know that red roses + red lips would stand out more with grey/black dress !

I also did the decoration of the wedding gifts from the bride to groom .. as previously mentioned .... which I will be rambling about in my next post :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Brownish Pink Look

Today was kinda hectic to me coz I had to rush early this morning for a make up job , at Sg. Buloh and had to get back to my work at home (as previously mentioned, im doing a wooden craft project for wedding hantaran .. still not finish with the painting and sanding process ! ugh)  Here are some pictures taken of before and after make up for the engagement just for your viewing pleasure ....

For engagement during day time, I prefer a natural look without putting heavy eyeliner on top and just natural brown colour on lower lashline so that the look would be natural but with definition. I used light gold colour on the inner conner of the eyes so that her small eyes would look open up and fresh ... white eye pencil on the waterline to make the small eyes look bigger .. definitely ! Thank God, she satisfied with my work :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Reasons why I'm not an active Blogger

Hi my dear readers ... I know that I dont update my blog regularly. Of course there are reasons to it !

First reason is: I have to put so much effort to take pictures to put on a blog .. well since I probably blogging about my work ( snap pictures, photo transfer, have to resizee !!, add the initials whatsoever, and upload to photobucket first etc, then finally can upload in my blog .. it takes so much process which Im kind of lazy to do that *sigh* )  my bad ...

Second reason: I'm not into blogging thingy like some of other serious bloggers actually.. to be honest .. regardless of that I still wanna share some of my works.. maybe it can be something inspirational to others.. who knows. Though I dont like to share much on my embroidery work .. coz I dont do online business for that.. though I find it's "ok" to posts about that once in a while...

Third reason (The biggest reason) : I tried to avoid computer as best I can, coz once I start the computer.. I would forget the lapse of time and my spare tme would be over fast !!!! :( Should be doing other more important stuffs .. like reading.. and do my embroidery work .. definitely !!  ---> I wont regret if I use the internet for learning .. esp. find some useful information on making/ creating things  .. since I love doing diff. DIY projects. .. but I always frustrated after I've spent so much time with Facebook !! hahahaa.. but then again .. the frustration always repeated over n over again ... Fb is really an internet addiction to everyone I guess..

Fourth reason: This is my honest confession ... I dont write well . When it comes to story telling or writing.. Im a biggest loser ! Enuff said ... So I'll try to write as simplest I can for each posts .. save time on that but it takes longer time for uploading pictures !  grrrr

Well ... For the time being, Im bz with my latest project which is "Gubahan Hantaran" (one of my passions) which I designed the tray/ box .. and my husband helped me with the craftmanship . So , there are new things that I learnt from this project coz I wanna create something new and for sure not available anywhere else ..  this project is done for my friend whose soon tying the knot on the 19th Feb ... I'll posts the pictures of my work after the wedding, ya ! Do visit my blog soon if you wanna see it :) TQ for visiting xoxo

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Lace Inspired Look

I tried to recreate the look from one of the Love Lace Face Charts .. its actually a kind of blue, grey and black smokey look with natural lips ...

Oh my goodness .. I look soo serious in this pic ! :p