Monday, February 15, 2010

Brownish Pink Look

Today was kinda hectic to me coz I had to rush early this morning for a make up job , at Sg. Buloh and had to get back to my work at home (as previously mentioned, im doing a wooden craft project for wedding hantaran .. still not finish with the painting and sanding process ! ugh)  Here are some pictures taken of before and after make up for the engagement just for your viewing pleasure ....

For engagement during day time, I prefer a natural look without putting heavy eyeliner on top and just natural brown colour on lower lashline so that the look would be natural but with definition. I used light gold colour on the inner conner of the eyes so that her small eyes would look open up and fresh ... white eye pencil on the waterline to make the small eyes look bigger .. definitely ! Thank God, she satisfied with my work :)

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sweet maniac said...

thanx dear :)Glad to hear that you enjoy reading my blog ..i'll try to update my blog more often.