Monday, February 22, 2010

Reception Makeup For My Dearest Friend

Im so happy that my dear friend, Faradella, has tied the knot on the 18th Feb, 2010. Congratulationss !!We've been friends for almost 18 years now !! Oh Goshh, the time has passed so quickly.. it sometimes feels scary coz we didnt even notice about it. Life is short, so do as much good deeds as possible in this worldly life guys, coz we are actually on our journey "back" to our creator !

Well, It was such an honour for me to do her makeup on the reception day. I felt so grateful coz my close friend has put the trust on me :) Here are some of the pictures during the make up sessions.. but I forgot to snap her pictures before the makeup ... my bad :(

If you notice, I've used a purplish pink lip colour with a lil bit of silvery gloss (dazzleglass) just on the center of lips, coz I made a simple bridal bouquet for her that has got few purple shade roses. So the lip colour and the bridal bouquet compliment each other ..which is very important !! and the silvery glossy look coz the dress was black + grey colour.

I considered this as a bridal bouquet for spring ... coz as far as I'm concerned, this year spring colour trend is full of pink + purple hues, though I know that red roses + red lips would stand out more with grey/black dress !

I also did the decoration of the wedding gifts from the bride to groom .. as previously mentioned .... which I will be rambling about in my next post :)

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