Friday, February 12, 2010

Reasons why I'm not an active Blogger

Hi my dear readers ... I know that I dont update my blog regularly. Of course there are reasons to it !

First reason is: I have to put so much effort to take pictures to put on a blog .. well since I probably blogging about my work ( snap pictures, photo transfer, have to resizee !!, add the initials whatsoever, and upload to photobucket first etc, then finally can upload in my blog .. it takes so much process which Im kind of lazy to do that *sigh* )  my bad ...

Second reason: I'm not into blogging thingy like some of other serious bloggers actually.. to be honest .. regardless of that I still wanna share some of my works.. maybe it can be something inspirational to others.. who knows. Though I dont like to share much on my embroidery work .. coz I dont do online business for that.. though I find it's "ok" to posts about that once in a while...

Third reason (The biggest reason) : I tried to avoid computer as best I can, coz once I start the computer.. I would forget the lapse of time and my spare tme would be over fast !!!! :( Should be doing other more important stuffs .. like reading.. and do my embroidery work .. definitely !!  ---> I wont regret if I use the internet for learning .. esp. find some useful information on making/ creating things  .. since I love doing diff. DIY projects. .. but I always frustrated after I've spent so much time with Facebook !! hahahaa.. but then again .. the frustration always repeated over n over again ... Fb is really an internet addiction to everyone I guess..

Fourth reason: This is my honest confession ... I dont write well . When it comes to story telling or writing.. Im a biggest loser ! Enuff said ... So I'll try to write as simplest I can for each posts .. save time on that but it takes longer time for uploading pictures !  grrrr

Well ... For the time being, Im bz with my latest project which is "Gubahan Hantaran" (one of my passions) which I designed the tray/ box .. and my husband helped me with the craftmanship . So , there are new things that I learnt from this project coz I wanna create something new and for sure not available anywhere else ..  this project is done for my friend whose soon tying the knot on the 19th Feb ... I'll posts the pictures of my work after the wedding, ya ! Do visit my blog soon if you wanna see it :) TQ for visiting xoxo


Anonymous said...

your candid honesty is quite made for a wonderful blog read!
go figure, eh!

I have a passion for embroidery too....I should post more of that on my blog...

come by sometime, when you've nothing better to do, or maybe when you need some inspiration!
it was nice to meet you sweet maniac!


Anonymous said...

btw, i'm your newest keep posting, and i'll keep comin' back!

i really do hope you'll come see me also...

have a great day!
ciao bella with the beautiful eyes!

sweet maniac said...

Hi Carmelina.. Thanx 4 visiting my blog :))Im so glad that smeone from across the globe had dropped by my blog and say smthing about it. really appreciate that ! I've jumped to ur blog.. all I can say to you is.. your works are SUPERB!

I'll be posting more of my embroidery works in the future ya ! have a nice day ... :)