Friday, December 31, 2010

Ell Fazira Melaka~ Reception

Date: 26th, Dec 2010
Location: D'Village Melaka
Makeup For Receptio, Grooms Reception

She requested for a brown look, so this is what I came out with

The flawless dress is from My Bridal Gown. Visit the blog here

Fatini Subang ~ Engagement

Date: 25th Dec, 2010
Location: Subang
Makeup For her Engagement Day

FYI, Tini is a Photographer, and I thnik she's talented ! Don't miss to visit her blog here, to see her awesome works.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Zaza Ampang ~ Solemnization N Reception

Event Date: 18 & 19 December, 2010
Location: Ampang and Shang Ri La Hotel
Make Up for Solemnization and Bride's Reception

On Her Solemnization Day

On Her Reception ...

 Interesting part is, the dress is tailor made by Qudyn, and she did the beading herself !You can visit her website BeadMePlease for more of her works ;)

She's letting go this lovely dress. If anyone interested .. the contact details are as follows:

Zaza Zahari
Email.  -

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fash NurFazlina Selayang~ Reception

Date: 19.12.10
Event: Reception
Location: Selayang Baru

Fash ~ Before

To Fash: Congratulations on your wedding and may you have a blissful marriage ! Thanx for hiring me to do your makeup and your kind co-operation is so much appreciated ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Syida Klang ~ Dinner Make Up

Date: 18.12.10
Location: At my casa ;)
She had requested for a soft smokey eyes + nude lips

Before Make up

Syida after makeover. I love the scarves! Its from Maysaa .. click here to directly jump to the website

Thanx Syida ;)

Of Hydrangaes And Roses

Hi there my dear readers !!! Im back after been away for almost two weeks. Let me apologize for ignoring my blog for quite sometimes. I was actually not feeling well and that affected my mood for blogging.. ugh ! But no worries, Im feeling a bit better now ;) Let me fresh up my blog again with an update regarding my embroidery works ;) Thank God, I managed to finish off a few embroidery hijabs this month during weekdays so here I am to show you my recent works .. and Im pretty sure my customers already worn them for couple of times before I show 'em here ! lol

Hope it inspires some of the embroidery lovers out there ;)

I usually will mix and match the colour of threads before I started the sewing process.. try finding the best colour combinations since its very important for stunning results.. the key is to use your imagination and make sure the colours you choose compliments each other ;)

 This one is my fav ! Hydrangaes of my own design which the end result is more of a vintage look because of the colour combinations that I used. A mixed of grey and not 'a bright purple' on a light grey voile.

A baby blue hijab with pink + purple roses. A sweet colour combinations for MUM ;)

Only God knows, how much I dont like orange ! But I had to do 'em upon request .

Just a simple roses + rosebuds on a turqoise voile. 

With heavy Rosebuds on each sides of the hijab

If you notice, I keep on re-peating the same pattern which is the mixture of roses + hydrangaes with rope. FYI, the same customer had ordered the same design of different colours ! How boring ;(

And she had reordered, the same pattern but on a black voile ! lol

Last but not least .. the latest one that Ive been working on ...

The blooming rosebuds. This is kinda unique for me coz the colour of voile is like a moss green where its very rare to find and I embroidered it with an eggplant purple with yellow buds on the stems.

Well I guess thats all for now. Ill be busy with the next hijab which I just mentioned, the black one with the roses+ hydrangae pattern !! *sigh* Please come back again for more updates and may you all have a great day ahead !  cioww!

p/s: Don't forget to click the Nuffnang Ad on the right side bar ;p thanx ! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Engagement of Nurul~ Ampang

Event Date: 5th, Dec 2010
Location: Ampang, Selangor


Thanx Nurul, Selamat Bertunang ;)