Monday, September 27, 2010

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Lipsticks ~ My Pick

As promised, so here I am... updating my blog on the latest products by not other than M.A.C ( Makeup Art Cosmetics)  . Duhh ,.. like no other brand exists ? *Ill be updating more on my purchase of other brand + reviews on that as well .. so keep on coming back , galz :)

"Introducing a new generation in Longwear technology. Hours later, lips look just the way you left them in the mirror that morning - luscious, lustrous and fresh, in frost or cream texture with flexible film-former to provide transfer resistance for extended-play passion!"

Pro Longwear Lipcreme hit the counters last Saturday at most MAC stores. If you want these, no rush.. coz they are permanent!! *happy* 
The lipcreme comes in 12  colours but as far as Im concerned, there are only 9 colours available in Malaysian market. Mac described the lip colours as :

"Lightweight texture, creamy finish and comfortable longwear combine in this has-it-all pro-class lip colour. Slick in use, applies without need of a top coat- and still lasts up to 12 hours. Won't feather or transfer, and the colour stays true. Helps lips stay soft and hydrated."

Overtime ~ Light Baby Pink
Sweet Ever After ~ Copper Frost
Till Tomorrow~Great Mauvy Brown
Unlimited~ Muted Dirty Rose
Good To Go ~ Loudmouth Orange
Love Forever ~ Bright Blue Pink
Goes and Goes ~ Blue Violet
Perpetual Flame ~ Pink Cranberry
Prolong ~ True Red
Made To Last ~ Deep Plumy Brown
Faithfully Yours ~ Blackened Dirty Purple
Extended Play ~ Blackened Brick red

The swatches of all available colours:

All the colours, are super Gorgeous !! My most favs are Overtime, Unlimited, Sweet Ever After, Love Forever!, Made To Last, Faithfully Yours and Till Tomorrow. I picked up only two lipsticks, on my last purchase and thinking of getting the rest at some other time. Lucky, all of 'em are not limited editions.. so I can save up some money before buying the rest !! :D My next pick would be Till Tomorrow :)

I got these two of 'em, unlimited and sweet ever after :) 

The packaging differs from the regular one, which one do you like ? 

Unlimited ~ Pretty natural colour .. not too pale/nude pink. Its quite similar to Faux. but darker (my all time fav. shade). It goes on pretty well for most all skin types!

Sweet Ever After ~ Its a peachy brown shade that doesnt really give that matte look coz its got some shimmers to it but not too frosty. Nice pick for warmer skin tones (like me  .. hee ~)

The pro longwear lipcreme is RM75 each for (3.6g/0.17 US oz)  while the regular formula lipsticks cost about RM65 for (3g/0.1 US oz) each. If you want a longer lasting formula of lip wear and great colour payoff .. try this out ! It is claimed to have an amazing staying power which is up to 12 hours... and lasted even after a meal (may differ for each individual) Great choice for bridal too !!  I love the creamy texture of the lip colours, a bit drying up after a few hours but u can avoid it by prepping your lips with lip balm first, set up for a few minutes and dab with tissue to remove any excess moisture and apply the lip colour. The lipstikk is gorgeously applied alone without the gloss ... I love the matte lip looks sometimes :) 

Thats all for my latest MAC Haul. Hope you gained something from this ! Till then :)

My Random MAC Haul + Some Photos and Swatches Part II

This is the continuation of the previous post..

My Fabulous Feline Haul (Fall Collections 2010)

Have you checked out this col. yet at the stores ? HUGE collections, and great products as well ! Perfect choice for beginners whose looking for basic make ups, especially the palettes. Of course I recommend the one in neutral brownish shades . Its a quad with 4 beautiful colours and the price is only RM140 ( for four colourss girls ! ) Two choices, either Leopard Luxe / Burmese Beauty .. I cant tell which one is my fav... coz I love them both !! :S But I skipped that, coz I already have shadows somewhat similar to those colours in the quad.. (ermmm I might change my mind, anytime :p)

Fabulous Felines is breakdown into three parts: Burmese Beauty, Palace Pedigreed, and Leopard Luxe. Check out the websites for more infos.
Huge selections of lipsticks, lipglassess, eye liners, pigments, lip liners, palettes (some are repromotes, permanents, and limited edition stuffs). I didnt pick up any of the pigments (glad that I only love the permanent one, which is Old Gold ) the lip liners too are permanent .. and the new formula and packaging of eye liners didn't attract me much. I dont like to wear colourful eyeliners.. I only stick to black / brown.. the most universal colours for eyeliners. I did pick up one of those .. just to experiment with it and play around ...

Its called, Desires & Devices ( Sparkling Dark Green) .. Damn ! I just discovered that all the liquid liners are permanent ! I dont like to apply liners with the wand ..I find the eye liner brush helps me a lot.. it gives more control. 

It looks like Olive green isn't it ? Can be easily remove/take off when its still wet.

There's only one lipstick that I got from this collection. Its from the Palace Pedigreed part..
Its called .. Aristo-Cat (frost) ~ Its a Mid-tone frosted Purple Mauve.. very2 pretty colour. I think it goes well on fair-darker skin tone. The colour pigmentation is build-able and would be very lovely if you combine this with the purple lipglass (its called Docile~if you prefer not to look weird)  that came out together with this collection. I skipped the pretty purple lipglass *sobs* since I already have quite the same shade.. and to cut my budget (cant DENY that huhu! ) Aristo-Cat and the blue lipglass(Best of Breed) works best as well. A pretty unique combination, I would say.

Aristo-Cat on my lips. 

off 9 beautiful lipglasses , I picked up only two of 'em. The most unique colour.. Jealous on the right and a goldish yellow lipglass, Schemer on the left 

Schemer lipglass ~ Mid tone yellow camel, with red and gold pearl. 

Swatches of Jealous ~ Light Dirty Green with pearl ... goes on very sheer on my lips.. doesnt show off the green at all when applied alone, but I believe it would be fabulous as the topper of any lipstick shades. Experiment to discover something you would never have imagined ! :)

Last but not least, from this HUGE collections  (small buys)... the Palace Pedigreed Quad

4 beautiful colours, but Im so dissapointed with the textures .. need more effort to blend Russian Blues(my most fav. colour in this quad.. the toughest one to blend! the end result suxx) Russian Blue is the only reason I bought this palette... I would have chosen the neutral palette ( Leopard Luxe) if I knew about this in the first place !!! agghh

Courtly Frosted muted light pink beige (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Palace Pedigreed Deep berry with dark soft pink pearl (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Quite Spoiled Mid-tone neutral mauve (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Russian Blue Deep neutral grey (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Russian Blue is not smooth, really.. it needs some other colours to blend it out. Try mix Russian Blue + Quite Spoiled before applied on the crease and blend for a better result

Hooray ! Im DONE !! So guys, sorry If you found this post to be boring ! Im so sleepy.. and im off to bed now ! *yawns* (its already 2;14am in the morning ) I will try to blog about the latest MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme tomorrow ! Have a great day ahead, and happy working :)

My Random MAC Haul + Some Photos and Swatches Part I

Here comes the most boring post of today... my random haul ! ;p
I am actually kinda lazy to write about the stuffs that I recently bought from MAC latest collections .. a HUGE collection.. which is the Fabulous Felines (coz more stuffs means more explanations).. and a few items from the previous one which was from Dare To Wear and the Digi Pop. I only picked up a few items though,.. so I will only tell a bit what I got from each of the collections.

Mac Dare To Wear Collections

Im not really into bold, bright shadows... so I skipped most of the shadows even though I admit that all the colours are beautiful ! I picked up only 2 shadows out of 12 ! Its Crazy isn't it.. MAC released 12 shadows at a time.. i.e. If I were to buy all those, it had cost me about almost a thousand dollars... madness :p It was kinda difficult for me to make selections. Most of the shadows from this collections are matte... where matte is boring ! I love Veluxe Pearl finishes but theres only one lavender colour ( Crazy Cool) in the collections. I already have so many purple eye shadows.. so I skipped that.. no more purple .. thank you ! hehe .. I end up buying one frost (Going Bananas) and 1 satin finishes ( the only satin shadows in the collections) which is Winkle

Going Bananas is described as a soft lemon yellow, re promote from C-Shock collections. This colour is quite famous among the MAC lovers, but Im kinda disappointed with it, the colour doesn't really produce a great pay off .. it appears very sheer hence good as the inner corner highlights. The colour is so intense when used with a yellow base primer, though. Winkle is a mid-tone cornflower blue in Satin finish. Its a pretty blue colour which is not too bright, suitable for almost all skin tone. 

I love the fact that when these two mixed together, it turned out to be a turquoise colour. Yess, Blue + yellow = green. Damn, winkle is kinda hard to blend on my "scarred crease" .. :( I firstly applied "yellow" by NYX as the eyeshadow base on the lid before applying Going Bananas for a great pay off. Seriously.. I dont DARE to wear such colours on my eyes.. would definitely find some other neutral shades to combine with each of the colours.

Gimme That ! is the only Dare to wear Lipglass that I picked up, but honestly.. I dont like this ! I prefer the dazzleglass  instead. Its really super tacky and sticky on my lips.. Gimme that is a bright fuschia which has fuschias and purplish micropearl. 

This is what it looks like on my lips... never tried on top of any matching lipsticks which I think would be better. Great colour for those who doesnt like/ lazy (like me) to do the eye makeup :D

Digi Pop Collections

There are 13 NEW Limited edition glitter lipsticks from this collections.. though I dont really like glittery finishes, but I fell in love with this one..

Introducing.... my MOST Fav dazzle lipsticks; Liquid Lurex (Tarnished Golden~ Pearl). I Looove this so much! It looks quite greenish with silver-pink pearl but goes on very sheer on the lips. This colour would be a perfect topper on almost colour of lipsticks. It gives a silvery finish. Plan to get another one of this for back up. Its been re promoted in the Fabulous Feline released early Sept.

The swatches: left; Jealous Lipglass ( from the Fabulous Feline) and Liquid Lurex ( from Digi Pops, Reporomote in Fabulous Feline)

Liquid Lurex alone ... pretty sheer with multi dimensional pearl.

Example on top of MAC Laugh a Lot Lipstick..
Laugh a lot alone ...

Liquid Lurex +Laugh a Lot. The green undertone of liquid lurex slightly neautralize the pink colour of laugh a lot and add shimmers to it

to be continued in Part II

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make Up for Nadia (Solemnisation + Reception) ~ Kuantan

Nadia & Yoe
Date: 17 & 18Sept 2010
Venue: Nadia's house in Kuantan

Nadia: Before

Solemnization (Night Event)

Captured by the official photographer during the make up session

Congratulations Nadia & Yoe ! May your marriage bring you happiness and a better life with hubby :) Amin

Simple Engagement Dais (pelamin)

Hi everyone ! Sorry for my absence in the blogger world for a couple of weeks... err for more than a month already :( As usual, I was K-Kinda Bz ( like Gaga style in Telephone) and Im kinda stuck here dunno what to say :p Well before that, I hope its not too late to wish my dear readers "Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin"  Sorry for this late wish but its better late than never !

How did you spend your time during the Raya Celebration?? Did you all having a great time ? As for me, I had to decorate an engagement pelamin as well as the hantaran for the girls side which was held on the third day of Hari Raya. I even slept at 6am the day before the ceremony and had to wake up as early as 9am to do the makeup. It was my FIRST experience to be responsible for this kind of thing! Im so grateful that I managed to settle all the preparations in just about 3 weeks during Ramadhan since it was a last minute request from the couple. To the couple: Thanx so much for putting your trust in me ;)

So here are a few photos from the engagement ceremony:

I Heart Fresh Flowers !!!

The theme: white + purple with just white backdrop were requested by the couple
The shelve, pillows , vases as well as the frame of the pelamin are all handmade by me and hubby
I did a shabby chic style Linen pillows with the 4 letter word of L.O.V.E to enhance the English concept of the Dais
To Farra + Nick :Congratulations on your engagement ! :)

Before makeup : Sorryy .. I dont have any other better version of "before makeup" pic :S

Farra and my sister, Hajar :)

Pictures from the official photographer: Ariffin Mukhtar Click here to directly jump to his website