Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Simple Engagement Dais (pelamin)

Hi everyone ! Sorry for my absence in the blogger world for a couple of weeks... err for more than a month already :( As usual, I was K-Kinda Bz ( like Gaga style in Telephone) and Im kinda stuck here dunno what to say :p Well before that, I hope its not too late to wish my dear readers "Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin"  Sorry for this late wish but its better late than never !

How did you spend your time during the Raya Celebration?? Did you all having a great time ? As for me, I had to decorate an engagement pelamin as well as the hantaran for the girls side which was held on the third day of Hari Raya. I even slept at 6am the day before the ceremony and had to wake up as early as 9am to do the makeup. It was my FIRST experience to be responsible for this kind of thing! Im so grateful that I managed to settle all the preparations in just about 3 weeks during Ramadhan since it was a last minute request from the couple. To the couple: Thanx so much for putting your trust in me ;)

So here are a few photos from the engagement ceremony:

I Heart Fresh Flowers !!!

The theme: white + purple with just white backdrop were requested by the couple
The shelve, pillows , vases as well as the frame of the pelamin are all handmade by me and hubby
I did a shabby chic style Linen pillows with the 4 letter word of L.O.V.E to enhance the English concept of the Dais
To Farra + Nick :Congratulations on your engagement ! :)

Before makeup : Sorryy .. I dont have any other better version of "before makeup" pic :S

Farra and my sister, Hajar :)

Pictures from the official photographer: Ariffin Mukhtar Click here to directly jump to his website


Anna Fauzi said...

sangat chantek la your make.. sukee =)

Nadiah said...

The colour combination so lovely and soothing.
Banyak your creation mostly inspired by english style.

Good Luck Dear!

sweet maniac said...

yess I love English style, sgt2 minat.