Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bronze and Purple Look

Looks like Im in the mood of uploading my latest picture.. well this is inspired by this shawl again :p

what I used for my eyes :

All eyeshadows by M.A.C

Ricepaper as highlight
Amber Lights on Lid
Mulch on crease
Carbon on crease
Parfait Amour on inner crease
Ricepaper inner conner of eyes
Carbon on lower lashline
Fehline Eye kohl on the waterline
Spiked eyebrow colour pencil

Monday, December 28, 2009

Shawls Haul ! :p

These are my new shawls which I'm in love so much !! Easy to wear and each of them has pretty mixed colours . I saw the same kind of shawls at Accessorize but for sure the Acces. one has good quality and is much much more expensive than the one sold at Jln Tar :p Planning to buy it though ... :)
I bought 5 diff. colours in green, pink, blue, black and creame ( this one looks like Paul Smith colour stripes !! )

My face of the day : Natural colours on lid and "pop out" colours on lower lid . The blue eye shadows compliment the blue shawls

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Makeup Test

Well just to share some pics of makeup test that I did to a fren of mine ... she asked me to do her makeup on her reception this March ... so here are the make up test pics ! She wanted the make up just to be simple and natural , coz she's not into heavy make ups :) She's going to wear a gold dress on her reception.. so i think warm colours suits her better.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Lipstick Organizer , Paper Decoupage

I spent my weekends doing this lipstick rack. Actually was thinking of ways how to organize my makeups that are getting huge. .. so I decided to make this pretty smart box to store my lipglass + lipsticks. It was kinda tough though.. coz each compartment is like a triangle... so it was hard to assemble such an angle board !! I finished up with decoupage the paper and tied up a small ribbon to make it looks sweet. Hope this will help those who are searching for makeup storage ideas ! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Mac Warm & Cozy Wishlist !

" Cuddle up, cozy down, chill out. Beauty succumbs to the most sensous and luxurious essentials. Dim the lights, & relax in the soft candlelight of this season's most mellowed-out shades. Be warm & Cozy"

Are you ready to be warm & cozy by this new collections ? Im not yet ready coz I havent recovered from the pain caused by the Baroque Boudoir haha ... but I think this collection is a must have ! The colours are for everyone.. really .. gorgeouss !!!


Chamomile -Creamy pale yellow (Satin) (LE)
Modelette - Mid-tone warm camel ( Satin) (LE, Repromote)
Milled Cider - Dark warm brown (Satin) ( LE)
Embark - Deep rich brown ( Permanent) * but this is usually not available in Malaysia so better grab from this collection

I wish to get all of the e/s !!


Warm Me Up -Creamy mid-tone neutral pink ( Amplified) (LE),

Spiced Tea - Warmed bronze brown ( Glaze) (LE)

Siss - Muted Golden Beige ( Satin) (Permanent)

I will skip Siss coz its a permanent one and spiced tea coz the colour is pretty but Im not a fan of Glaze ipstick ... so, my aim would be just the Warm Me Up :)


2N - Creamy neutral yellow pink (Cream) (LE, Repromote)

3N - Neutral brown with gold and pink pearl (Frost) (LE, Repromote)

Feeling Dreamy - Pale neutral pink with pink pearlized pigments (Frost)(LE, Repromote)

Light That Fire! - Mid-tone burnt coral with pearl (Frost) (LE)

I guess I love all of these lip glasses .. so its hard for me to decide ! *sigh*


Nurture - Frosted neutral pale pink beige ( LE)

Relaxed - Frosted dark chocolate brown (LE)

Cuddle - Frosted light golden yellow (LE)

Warm & Cozy - Frosted burnt amber with red and gold pearlized pigments (LE)

At the moment.. all I think is Relaxed is a must have shadestick for me


By Candlelight - Golden Pink (LE)

Comfort - Golden Bronze (LE)

I wish to have By Candlelight coz I think Comfort is just suitable for contouring ....and for me to have 1 contouring powder is enuff :p to cut costs on other things actually .. hee hee


This gentle non-sensitive, rich moisturizing lotion can be used on the face and body and is free of fragarance and colour


Sweet Orange + Lavender - This nourishing oil leaves skin feeling energized and moisturized with the look of a healthy glow

Grapefruit + Chamomile - This oil will help soothe, calm and clarify the skin with a soothing aroma

I would love to have these rare items by Mac but I dont think Mac Malaysia carries these item s.. maybe yes, maybe no ... coz last time, the Mac style black exfoliator and masks also werent available here ... so will see first !

Other products which I dont wish to buy:


Blissed Out - Creamy light nude (Cream)

Dim The Lights - Creamy warm dark chocolate ( Cream)


Feeling Good - Light neutral beige (LE)

Close for Comfort- Pinkish Brown (LE)



Product Info:

My Mac Love Lace wishlist !

Mac Love Lace Face Chart
I dont really fancy the eye shadows like I adore the lip glasses before, but this time I heart the blue shades and greys of the e/s. Soooo .... I think of getting all of the eye shadows this time which are ;
Suave Intensions: Light frosted silver blue (Veluxe Pearl)
Pincurl: Dusty white ( Frost)
Love Lace: Frosted mid-tone greyish blue (Veluxe Pearl)
Hypnotizing: Frosted greyed mauve ( Frost)

Luckily I already have Feline and Fascinating eye kohl so I can skip this and just gonna get Sense of Style ( Blackened deep marine blue) and maybe also Raven ( Intense red with black pearl)
Stud eye brow pencil is permanent so I think I might not rush to get this yet ... Im currently using Lingering and Spiked eye brow pencil but love lingering more coz its more natural shade. I already have Zoom Lash mascara so I can skip this too ! :)

There are two lipsticks which are, Pretty Please Pale Pink Pearl, which is a Lustre and Intricate, frosted cool icy taupe ( frost). Pretty please (permanent) , is such a very pale shade and I dont think it looks good on me, really ... but the colour is very pretty though. Whereas, Intricate is an ultra sheer plummy brown with multicoloured shimmer. Since im not a fan of lustre and frost lipsticks so I guess I might skip these two as well ...

What about the two lipglasses ? Icescape and Utterly Discrete are both gorgeous in colours but from the swatches that I've seen, they are too sheer , maybe I will grab one of them but have to see it in person first .. but I dont heart the lip glasses as much as I do for the eyeshadows .... so, maybe I will skip all the lip products this time ! ahhhh .. sounds of relieve .. hihi.. which means I can spend more on Mac Warm & Cozy ! yeaaay !

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Year Beauty Spree :D

A new year is around the corner .... are you looking to get yourself new clothings and bags ? or makeup stuffs ?? hehe ... my new year beauty spree would be ... of course, to get the new Mac collections that would be realesed so soon ! Im getting tired and sick of this .. really , but how am I going to stop when Mac has becoming more and more creative and genius with their marketing strategies ?? Look at the seducing promo pics of Love Lace as well as the Warm & Cozy !! People will just so tempted to get the collections even when we just look at this pics .. yet not knowing what they have for these collections ! hahaha.

Mac Love Lace promo pic

Mac Warm & Cozy promo pic
Im looking forward for the next awesome collections by MAC which are the Love Lace, and also Warm & Cozy for Winter 2009 collections which will be released on the same date ?? ugh this things really makes me sick ... but still I wanted to b sick with mac ... weird :P I really heart this Love Lace, one thing is because I love lace !! I mean the real openwork fabric.. .. and im a lace craft maniac as well ! Ooh when I first heard about this Love Lace collections ... I imagined that... maybe the packaging, the box would be creatively adorned by sexy lace pattern ??Mac should do that I think coz people will just die when they just take a look at that gorgeous packaging :p But unfortunately, ... NO ! They just came in regular black casing as usual ...
So, the U.S release date for these two collections will be on the 26th dec... but some has got their hands on these stuffs , since Mac had released the Love Lace a week early ... but for sure the International release date is on January 2010 .. im not sure when is the exact date, though. As usual .. I do my studies first hehe . Look up for swatches at a few different blogs and for sure !
Well, there are just a few things in Mac Love Lace ... glad to hear that ! So it wont make my mind and heart so miserable what to get ... and what should I sadly leave .. hmm for the reason.. I shouldnt be spending so much on makeups anymore ! Oooh but the bad news is, there are lots of beautiful2 colours in Warm & Cozy which are sort of my colours ... yes, I love earth colours.. I prefer the safe side .. ermm maybe because im a simple person.. so natural colours suits me more in many ways ! Anyhow, there are quite a few things that been repromote by MAC and some are not a limited editions stuff in these two collections.. so glad .. I already have some of the items .. I can cut my spending this time ! :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

NYX Jumbo Pencils for SALE !

NYX Jumbo Pencil is a simplified way to get the perfect Eye-Popping colour combinations.It is used as an eye shadow base by most people to enhance the eye shadow colours... though it can be used as an eye shadow alone. The texture is so creamy and well pigmented .. well.. I have to admit that I really lovee all the colours !

NYX is a famous brand but unfortunately its not available in Malaysia ! So take this oppurtunity to grab this NYX Jumbo Pencils now coz each colour is limited to 1 piece only ! The price for each pencil is RM20 + RM5 shipping.

Caresin Wax, Candelilla Wax, Bees Wax, Squalane, Hydro generated Styrene, Ethylexyl Palmitate, Mineral Oils, Polyisobutene, Butylated Hydroxy, Anisole, Propyl Paraben, Mica, Talc, C.I. 77499, Pearl Powder
Cruelty Free/ No Animal Testing

please feel free to email me at : for enquiries
SOLD items !!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I've Got P@rcel :)

I've been shopping for cosmetics thru ebay lately ... you know, there are many interesting stuff that I want to have.. that I admire to buy .. arent available here ! So, ebay is the right place for me to online shopping .. just one thing that suxx ... you know what ? SHIPPING RATE ! ughh .. I've got to pay usd12 which is almost rm40 for these 4 items!! .. its not reasonable at all !

My ebay purchase: L-R: UDPP the regular one, UDPP Sin, Too Faced e/s Insurance, Stila Kajal in Onyx and I got a free gift ! :)
UDPP is the eyeshadow primer that I cant live without ! I've been using this primer for months now and I can say Im in love with this coz its really awesome !! Its really great if you have oily eyelids .. apply this primer before your eye shadows, sure it wont crease and will stay put for all day long ... You wont regret buying this.. I swearr !! Too Faced Eyeshadow primer n Stila Kajal in ONyx are new to me, but I thought of giving it a try since these two items r also favourited by many people ... hopefully these items are great.. so it would worth the shipping costs !

Fancy Badges

Have you ever been to Uptown, Danau Kota ? Its like a hugee night market but it usually opens very late at night at 11 p.m. This is the place where you can buy many cheap ~ not authentic stuffs like clothes, bags, shoes and many more. Some local products also available there like scarves and accesories. I was attracted to buy these fancy badges ..not for me .. hehe .. but is thinking of giving this to my niece, and maybe she would punk up her school bags with these fancy badges ! :p These are very2 cheap .. you get 1 for Rm2 and 3 for RM5 .. I took 6 badges and ask 1 for free .. so I just paid RM10 for 6 :p

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Self Made Blusher and Powder Organizer

I slept at 4 a.m last night because of this !!! I decided to create this box, especially designed to fit my MSFs and blushers coz there arent any makeup organizers in the market that satisfy my need .. hmm well .. what do you think ? I made this from a chip board... cut according to size and assembled to form a box of two diff. size compartments. I glued my fav. wrapping paper all over the box and look at thiss .. adorable, isnt it ? :) I will finish off this box with several coats of varnish to protect the paper and make it appear glossy. Its not enough ok .. Im gonna do diff. types of makeup storage box soon .. what should be the next one ? A lipstick/ lip gloss rack, perhaps ..

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Decoupage Project Part 2

The cupcakes pattern really makes this mini drawer so cartoon ... dont you think ?

Here it comesss .. after almost 2 weeks of doing this .. here is a final product ! I can say Im so happy with this.. since its the first time of me doing decoupage ! I read several issues and problems regarding decoupage before, some says that Mod Podge is not good for decoupage because its a water base glue which cant be used on wood that has been painted with oil base paint ( coz water and oil don't mix) and the paper that we use might wrinkles during the drying process .. bla bla bla ... but I have no problems dealing with this .. and Im so grateful ! :) This will be the cutest ever mini drawer in my 'Boudoir' .. hehehe.

The side view .. has been decorated with two different cupcakes cutouts on each side

Stuffs for decoupage:

-Scissors and knife for cutting out the pattern

- Mod Podge Glue that costs me about RM45 ( I ordered it thru ebay early this year, but I've found out that ART FRIEND located at Gardens also carries many diff. kinds of Mod Podge Glue which is cheaper ). This Mod Podge act as a glue, sealer and varnish.

- Wrapping Paper ( Rm3.00 at D Nata KLCC ) .. the reason why I chose the cupcakes pattern coz its easy to cut out :p Eventhough at first I wished to turn this mini drawer into something English Country look .. I didnt find any easy to cut roses wrapping paper !!

-Paint .. small tin costs me about rm16

-Paint brush - Rm3

-Syntethic Brush for applying Mod Podge - Rm2

-Sand Paper #300, #800 - (Rm5 for 5 pieces)

Anecdote on the Process:

I have painted the drawer with 3 coats of wood paints which requires filing with sand papers between each coats ... the decoupage thing has to be varnished with at least 5 coats of Mod Podge where it must be dried up for about 15-20 minutes between each coats. The drying process makes decoupage takes longer time to finish ... its a Tiring job ! but I had so much fun doing this ... I might do tissue decoupage for the next project , well .. will see if there's anything interesting in my house that I can decorate with decoupage technique ... seems like I'm addicted to this :p


Friday, December 4, 2009

Mischief Makers

Photo credit:
See more info on Mischief Makers at the greatest blog on beauty products ever, here !
I got only two sets of the Mischief Makers coz I've spent a lot already on Baroque Boudoir :p So, no choice then .. have to choose the best and the most attractive one for each set !! very difficult task, you know .. hehehe... so I end up buying the 5 Sexpot Smoky Mini Pigments/ Glitters and the natural mini lipglass/lustreglass, 5 sexy shenanigans .. ugghh the name is so weird .. I wonder, who's taken the responsibility for the naming of all the MAC stuffs ???
The regular pigment is 7.5g / 26 US OZ (RM80+) whereas this mini pigment set is of 2.5g/0.09 US OZ * 5 bottles price at RM135

5 Sexpot Smoky Mini Pigments/ Glitter Set, L-R: Glitter: Reflects Antique Gold,Pigements:Chocolate Brown, Sunnydaze, Naked, Dark Soul

Soft Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass ( 2.4g/0.08 US OZ) each * 5 tubes ... RM 135. The regular tube is 4.8g/0.17 US OZ .. RM63

L-R: Morning Glory, Cruise Control, Elle, Poetic License, Ensign