Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bronze and Purple Look

Looks like Im in the mood of uploading my latest picture.. well this is inspired by this shawl again :p

what I used for my eyes :

All eyeshadows by M.A.C

Ricepaper as highlight
Amber Lights on Lid
Mulch on crease
Carbon on crease
Parfait Amour on inner crease
Ricepaper inner conner of eyes
Carbon on lower lashline
Fehline Eye kohl on the waterline
Spiked eyebrow colour pencil


Nadia Bayu said...

uish. speechless! uhuh. byk gilerr kene gune eyeshadow eh br jadi camtu. ingt 2-3 kaler je. btw, 2 thumbs up. love the make up so much!! :)

Nadia Bayu said...

eh btw, buat la tutorial dlm blog ni. tunjuk dari b4 make up smp la abesss ;)

sweet maniac said...

tq.klu 3 colours pun boleh n cantik jgk. oo tgk la kalau rajin hehe.

l y n n a s h a a r i said...

agree wif nadia..watla yek anna..lyna suke sgt tgk smokey eyes ana ;)

sweet maniac said...

tgk la if ada masa k .. :)

natasha said...

lipgloss by mac ka?lawa seyy

sweet maniac said...

hmm yess, on top of lipstick by mac jgk :)

Zumie said...

i love it..
sangat cantek awak mekap..:)

Diana said...

apa nama lipstick awak and your lipgloss? hard to find that colour setiap kali masuk kedai MAC.

Diana said...

Hi, apa nama lipstick awak ye? I know its from MAC, cuma tak tau code name dia..susah nak cari warna tu whenever i pegi kedai MAC..

sweet maniac said...

I think i guna mac limited edition lipsticks in brave new bronze + liberated lipglass (you can only find it in ebay) tu pun kalau ada. anyhow, you can find a similar shade. try tgk honeylove/peachstock/kinda sexy.. ni antara yang cantik if peach tone. @ you have to mix and match the colour.. if its a bit dark, try add with lighter lipgloss