Sunday, December 6, 2009

Self Made Blusher and Powder Organizer

I slept at 4 a.m last night because of this !!! I decided to create this box, especially designed to fit my MSFs and blushers coz there arent any makeup organizers in the market that satisfy my need .. hmm well .. what do you think ? I made this from a chip board... cut according to size and assembled to form a box of two diff. size compartments. I glued my fav. wrapping paper all over the box and look at thiss .. adorable, isnt it ? :) I will finish off this box with several coats of varnish to protect the paper and make it appear glossy. Its not enough ok .. Im gonna do diff. types of makeup storage box soon .. what should be the next one ? A lipstick/ lip gloss rack, perhaps ..


Dancing Queen said...

wow..I've tonnes of MACs and never tot of creating my own make-up box..Nice one what u've there.. I love MAC too and been a vivid user for 5 years dah..and will keep cont to do so hehe..

sweet maniac said...

OMG! i can imagine how bloated ur dressing table might be with all the MAC's stuff. would love to see ur collections, if u don't mind :) btw,thank you for visiting my blog :)

MakeOver By Eyla Mukthar said...

haih..i mmng kagom tengok care u apply makeup..tone colour yg u buat..mmng buat i bukak blog u berkali-kali untuk buat reseach..ahaksss.. maklumla i ni org baru dlm bidang banyak kene blaja lagik..nk apply makeup yg bermaya mmng kene blaja bnyaks...brg makeup i pon x banyak lagik..slow2 i nk tambah koleksi..tu yg sevey alat makeup yg menarik..u la role model i..salute bb..