Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mac Baroque Boudoir Haul !!

Have you ever thought what Baroque Boudoir means ?!?? It sounds hot but difficult to pronounce ! Lets pronounce it this way "Baa-rokk Bo-dwaaar" hope this is correct ! The word baroque came from the Portuguese word barocco meaning, "misshapen pearl" or irregular shapped pearl and Boudoir is a Fench word which means, a woman's private sitting room, dressing room or bedroom.

This year Couture Collection: There are 3 lipsticks, and 3 matching glosses , 2 shades of Sheer Mystery Powder in the most hot damn beautiful packaging and a Clutch.

My first intention when I stopped by the MAC store the other day was to get the Mischief Makers ... and didnt expect that Baroque Boudoir collections were in stores already ! I didnt took much time for choosing which one to buy coz they were all captured my heart :p To my suprise, I was being the first customer to purchase Baroque Boudoiirrr .. hoaaaa. I love the idea of Damask print so much, coz it makes this Couture Collection looks really classy and vintage , dont you think ? .. though im not so happy with the price ! ...... but I dont care about that :p I've been told by the MUA, this collection is meant for the high-end people, thats why the packagings and the stuff looks luxurios .. and so the price .. hehe ... hmm no wonder ! Oh yess Im a real suckerr for beautiful packaging ! so I grabbed them all .. except the clutch , coz its not worth the money... and my husband was shocked at the total price .. sorry, cant help it, dear :p

Pictures in the box first :) The packagings are super great .. awesome ! Im a box collector as well .. hee hee

There's nothing special with all the colours of lipglosses and lipsticks coz they are dupable. So, those who are not into the packaging can skip this LE stuff. No worries.
This sheer Mystery Powder comes with a refill of powder and a sponge
From L-R: Treasured, Baroque Boudoir, Prive
From L-R: Preciousness, D'Nouveau, The Lap of Luxury
Swatches of 3 lipsticks and the 3 lip glosses

I dont think Treasured is similar to The Way Of Love like some reviews that I came across. The Way of Love is more pinkish and its Lustre formula makes this lipstick more sheer than Treasured which is semi opaque. Treasured reminds me of the Brave New bronze ( LE Style Warrior) but the satin finish makes the lipstick more opaque than Treasured, but the colour is quite similar to each other ... like chocolate peach colour.


Ayda Abu Bakar said...

McSue, ni mac mane ko jumpe baroque boudoir nih?
aku gi klcc smlm xde nampak pun..
ke aku yg bolley~ hahahah
packaging mmg super cantik esp the powder

sweet maniac said...

ada la my dear .. dia letak kt dalam .. dpan counter betul2 ! byk sgt brg2.. smpai xmuat nk letak.. knapa tak tanya MUA there ... hehe