Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Mac Love Lace wishlist !

Mac Love Lace Face Chart
I dont really fancy the eye shadows like I adore the lip glasses before, but this time I heart the blue shades and greys of the e/s. Soooo .... I think of getting all of the eye shadows this time which are ;
Suave Intensions: Light frosted silver blue (Veluxe Pearl)
Pincurl: Dusty white ( Frost)
Love Lace: Frosted mid-tone greyish blue (Veluxe Pearl)
Hypnotizing: Frosted greyed mauve ( Frost)

Luckily I already have Feline and Fascinating eye kohl so I can skip this and just gonna get Sense of Style ( Blackened deep marine blue) and maybe also Raven ( Intense red with black pearl)
Stud eye brow pencil is permanent so I think I might not rush to get this yet ... Im currently using Lingering and Spiked eye brow pencil but love lingering more coz its more natural shade. I already have Zoom Lash mascara so I can skip this too ! :)

There are two lipsticks which are, Pretty Please Pale Pink Pearl, which is a Lustre and Intricate, frosted cool icy taupe ( frost). Pretty please (permanent) , is such a very pale shade and I dont think it looks good on me, really ... but the colour is very pretty though. Whereas, Intricate is an ultra sheer plummy brown with multicoloured shimmer. Since im not a fan of lustre and frost lipsticks so I guess I might skip these two as well ...

What about the two lipglasses ? Icescape and Utterly Discrete are both gorgeous in colours but from the swatches that I've seen, they are too sheer , maybe I will grab one of them but have to see it in person first .. but I dont heart the lip glasses as much as I do for the eyeshadows .... so, maybe I will skip all the lip products this time ! ahhhh .. sounds of relieve .. hihi.. which means I can spend more on Mac Warm & Cozy ! yeaaay !

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