Friday, October 30, 2009

Back to embroidery work

Supposely I have to start my embroidery work coz I've left it for a month already .. so no income since then :( There are lots of things tht I have to cover .. I mean there were so so much things that I've been spending on lately. I dunno why I feel soo not in the mood if im alone at home .. I dunt have the heart to concentrate on my work .. all I do not to feel lonely is, spending my time with my lappie 24/7 ! :p Usually facebook is part of my internet buddie and you tube watching different kinds of videos ! well well well .. harap2 dapat gain banyak income this monthhhh ! *sigh*

I went back to my hometown last week, so bila ada org .. ada semangat nk buat kerja. Maybe dh biasa dgn tmpat asal sendiri .. I've been doing embroidered scarfs for 2 years at home.. so bila dh after married, I have to follow my hubby to KL .. so its kinda hard for me sometimes .. coz I miss my previous life, so much *sobs*. While I was in KB, sempat siapkan 1 tudung which was ordered by my customer since June ! She requested me to embroider Hydrangaes which Im so lazy to do it coz its quite complicated .. tp mcm2 mana pun I have to satisfy my customer , right ? So here are some pictures of the complete hydrangaes. She was so happy to receive this and asked me to do 1 more tudung for her, the same thing but with different colours !! OMG !
p/s: this design of mine sgt favorited by customers ... no more, pleasee.. duhh

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beauty Expo at PWTC

Love the creativity of the makeup and accesories used to complete the look

The blue lipstick looks amazing on her

These two ladies were models from APT I believe ...

I'm quite upset right now, coz I couldnt find my camera charger ... have been looking for a few days and I still cant find it anywhere.. oh maybe I've left it at my mum's house ! :( I really would like to take pictures of the MAc holiday stuff that I got! I dont feel like taking pictures by using camera phone instead.. coz afraid that it would appear so differently in terms of colours and so on ..

So I think I should skip that first and story about the beauty expo that was held at PWTC last week.. which was held on 10-13th October 2009. Actually, beauty expo ni ada tiap2 tahun .. kira nyer once a year ! I've been told by a friend about this expo, n she told me about the cheap stuff being sold there i.e mask, makeup kit, false lashes, makeup brushes etc ! I was so excited to go .. tp in my opinion, tak best sgt pun .. coz maybe im not really into the brands that being exhibited there.. well, most probably.. the cosmetics yg ada kat situ.. from japan, singapore, indonesia, and china. Kalau someone yg ada spa ke salon ke .. sgt sesuwai banget untuk membeli belah di beauty expo ni. Sebab musababnya, kalau beli banyak2 then you can get it at cheaper price. I did buy something though ...

Some of the things that I bought ...

Some random stuff at the buy 1 free 1 kiosk

L-R: I bought 2 masks from Rosyvelle, and got 1 free (Bird's nest, kiwi and lavender) , Eye gel masks for RM15 ( 5 pieces), facial sponge ( 10 units for RM10), cotton hairband ( 6 units for RM10) very2 cheap !

Some falsies that I've purchased .. ( the one in large box is rm28 and a buy 1 free 1 item) its a bargain item as well.

White, Blue and Pink fancy falsies: RM10 for 3 !

These two fancy false lashes : Rm20 per pair

I did buy two makeup box at the beauty expo that I'll show some pics in the next post. cheers :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mac Holiday Haul !

Aaaahh I just came back from ... my beauty spree timee ! hehe. Last nite pegi tgk2 then study dulu about MAC holiday collections ni.. buat study sikit.. kira2an then mengamuk malam ni !!! hahaha .. im really satisfied with my haul ! I really loveee the packaging for this latest collection. So so adorable and very unique..Im pretty happy to have these new stuff in my collection :) Tp, ada sikit perubahan laa dr my wishlist tu .. I decided not to buy the face kit ..and I bought the 6 mystic cool eye palette instead of smoke and mirrors. Coz most probably, the eye colours in the smoke and mirrors tu kebanyakkannya mcm quite similar with the one that I already have .. I mean from the permanent e/s range. But, I still think that its cool to have the palette since its easy to carry everywhere.. hmm kena fikir lg tu.. maybe I should buy that one too ! Kenape MAC sgt suka buat org jd mabukk .. ?? The designer sgt2 lah creative .. pandai betul marketing strategy diorang ! Tp yg tak best.. rmi jd pokai dek kerana tergila2kan their stuff ! ughhh

Here are some of the pics from the 3M event and stuff .. enjoy ! cheers :)

I hope i'll have the time to blog about the stuff I got in the next post !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Holiday Mac event KLCC

I just came back from klcc to see the event held at the centre court.. tp, unfortunately masa arrive there... event dh almost habis pun .. so melepas lah tgk the celebrities and make up artist yg attend that event ! Takpe.. yg penting ialah nak tgk the new stuff yg sgt best dan teruja giler.. aaahhh almost nak pengsan rasa coz i think I wanna grab them all ! Tp nk buat macam mana poket tak menyebelahi .. hehehe. I was accompanied by my husband.. nasib baik dia sporting ! huhu..

hmm as always as usual.. kalau pegi MAC jer mesti tangan jd comot dipenuhi ngan swatches ! Maybe my wishlist tu ada sedikit pertukaran laa kot. Biasa la tgk2 review in blogs and gmbr2 dlm website tak menjamin sgt... tgk sendiri and feel the products br la tauu.. huhu. For the time being tgh budget2 and pk dulu.. then im gonna purchase this weekend maybe .. hopefully dpt berfikir dgn warassss sbb kalau ikutkan hati.. semuaa pun nak beli ! :p I'll blog about it once i've bought the items ok :)

Magic,Mirth and Mischief...

This week, Mac will be launching the new collection which is called Magic, Mirth and Mischief merangkap holiday collection for 2009. I don't know about the previous holiday collections sbb last year, I wasnt considered as a Mac addict yet :p Well, the launching date will start on the 21st of October 2009 ! Memang for sure lah I wont miss out this collection and this weekend i'll be at the centre court KLCC to grab some of the limited edition stuff. Im so excited coz memang this collection is soo tempting ! Asyik terfikir jer and duk study dah berminggu2 dah apa nak dibeli nih .. sampai xsenang duduk. Pokai laa kali nih kih3x.. and next collection on November pun sgt best, ok ! It's called Baroque Bordoir collection. I really love the packaging.. ala2 damask gittu. aaghh somebody help mee .. !!!
My wishlist for this collection:
2 Eye Palettes: Sorceress n Smoke n Mirrors, Hocus Focus Colourful Face Kit, Fun in the sun Mineralize set, Put a spell on you pink lip bag, Wave of a wand sweep brush set, Soft sparkle eye pencil in Iris accents, Creamesheen glass in Boy Bait and Partial Pink, and also lipstick in Suprise Me, Total Wow! and Pervette !
wah wah wah .. banyak nyer !!! kalau ikutkan hati, semua pun nak beli, ye tak ? hee hee
Well ni just my wishlist.. apa apa pun everything is according to budget jugak .. ! Lets see what im gonna get soon, ok :) Can't wait !

Im tired..

It's already 2;38 am and im still tersasar2 nk edit blog ni.. td rasanya start at what time eh ? pukul 11pm rasanya hehe. Actually this blog is re-created since dh lama tinggalkan blogspot coz i switched to wordpress instead ! Tp wordpress pun dh tak terupdate ! So, memandangkan blogspot nyer dh lama ku tinggalkan.. rs cam x best lah pulak nk main sambunggg jer cam tu.. lgpun yg lama punya lebih kpd embroidery semata2. Rasanya this blog will be updated with more variety stuff ! ughhh .. why cant i be a serious blogger ? Biler tgk blogger lain sgt serious memblogging rs teringin jgk nk ada satu blog yg active ! hehe.. lets see what happen to this one.. hopefully ianya akan sentiasa di'update' ! cheers :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have a new blog

I have re-create a new blog and i wish that i can always update it ! eventhough i dunno what to do about it . hehehe :)