Friday, October 30, 2009

Back to embroidery work

Supposely I have to start my embroidery work coz I've left it for a month already .. so no income since then :( There are lots of things tht I have to cover .. I mean there were so so much things that I've been spending on lately. I dunno why I feel soo not in the mood if im alone at home .. I dunt have the heart to concentrate on my work .. all I do not to feel lonely is, spending my time with my lappie 24/7 ! :p Usually facebook is part of my internet buddie and you tube watching different kinds of videos ! well well well .. harap2 dapat gain banyak income this monthhhh ! *sigh*

I went back to my hometown last week, so bila ada org .. ada semangat nk buat kerja. Maybe dh biasa dgn tmpat asal sendiri .. I've been doing embroidered scarfs for 2 years at home.. so bila dh after married, I have to follow my hubby to KL .. so its kinda hard for me sometimes .. coz I miss my previous life, so much *sobs*. While I was in KB, sempat siapkan 1 tudung which was ordered by my customer since June ! She requested me to embroider Hydrangaes which Im so lazy to do it coz its quite complicated .. tp mcm2 mana pun I have to satisfy my customer , right ? So here are some pictures of the complete hydrangaes. She was so happy to receive this and asked me to do 1 more tudung for her, the same thing but with different colours !! OMG !
p/s: this design of mine sgt favorited by customers ... no more, pleasee.. duhh

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