Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mac Holiday Haul !

Aaaahh I just came back from ... my beauty spree timee ! hehe. Last nite pegi tgk2 then study dulu about MAC holiday collections ni.. buat study sikit.. kira2an then mengamuk malam ni !!! hahaha .. im really satisfied with my haul ! I really loveee the packaging for this latest collection. So so adorable and very unique..Im pretty happy to have these new stuff in my collection :) Tp, ada sikit perubahan laa dr my wishlist tu .. I decided not to buy the face kit ..and I bought the 6 mystic cool eye palette instead of smoke and mirrors. Coz most probably, the eye colours in the smoke and mirrors tu kebanyakkannya mcm quite similar with the one that I already have .. I mean from the permanent e/s range. But, I still think that its cool to have the palette since its easy to carry everywhere.. hmm kena fikir lg tu.. maybe I should buy that one too ! Kenape MAC sgt suka buat org jd mabukk .. ?? The designer sgt2 lah creative .. pandai betul marketing strategy diorang ! Tp yg tak best.. rmi jd pokai dek kerana tergila2kan their stuff ! ughhh

Here are some of the pics from the 3M event and stuff .. enjoy ! cheers :)

I hope i'll have the time to blog about the stuff I got in the next post !

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