Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Holiday Mac event KLCC

I just came back from klcc to see the event held at the centre court.. tp, unfortunately masa arrive there... event dh almost habis pun .. so melepas lah tgk the celebrities and make up artist yg attend that event ! Takpe.. yg penting ialah nak tgk the new stuff yg sgt best dan teruja giler.. aaahhh almost nak pengsan rasa coz i think I wanna grab them all ! Tp nk buat macam mana poket tak menyebelahi .. hehehe. I was accompanied by my husband.. nasib baik dia sporting ! huhu..

hmm as always as usual.. kalau pegi MAC jer mesti tangan jd comot dipenuhi ngan swatches ! Maybe my wishlist tu ada sedikit pertukaran laa kot. Biasa la tgk2 review in blogs and gmbr2 dlm website tak menjamin sgt... tgk sendiri and feel the products br la tauu.. huhu. For the time being tgh budget2 and pk dulu.. then im gonna purchase this weekend maybe .. hopefully dpt berfikir dgn warassss sbb kalau ikutkan hati.. semuaa pun nak beli ! :p I'll blog about it once i've bought the items ok :)

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