Thursday, August 26, 2010

Make Up Class

A few photos from the class (that was held last saturday 21st Aug,10)  for your viewing pleasure.

Special thanx goes to these beautiful ladies : Dya, Ct, Zuraiha, and Aina. You guys, made 
my day ;)

                                  Model of the day ~ Before make up

       Model after: with two different eye makeup and eyebrows shading

 Close up eye make up: Smokey brown vs. soft smokey purple

Hope you guys have a great day ahead !! ~xoxo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Denim & Rose Look from Natural to Dramatic

Ya know what. Im so in love with the latest palette by Bobbi Brown, especially the blue denim eyeshadow (dark Rinse) and the rose lip colour which is Indie Rose. The blue denim shadows really compliments the brownish dusty rose lip colour (owh anything with brownish tone would probably be my. fav lip colours). I did a look using the palette .. from simple to a more dramatic one.

so here's the first eye makeup .. natural and simple, suitable for daily wear.

The eye make up look under direct sunlight which reflects the glitters of the shadows. I applied the shimmery pink shadows ( Pink Granite all over the lid to the inner conner of the eyes) and just blend the dark denim blue ( Dark Rinse) on the outer corner.. and blend blend blend ! The navajo e/s seems not to give much intensity as a highlight .. I applied it several times, but didnt show up much.. it would probably the best highlighter colour for the daytime. I finished off the eye makeup with the Denim Ink gel eyeliner on the top lid and several coats of blue mascara. No colours on the bottom lid. Very simple one without false lashes.

                                                   Full Natural eye make up look

Then, I added up the falsies, to see the effects. Bottom eyes, just applied a bit of Dark Rinse eyeshadows just on the outer corner of the eyes. It creates more drama to the eyes isn't it ?

 Full looks with the false eye lashes, without any eyeshadows on the bottom lid and without any colours added to the waterline.

This is actually how I did the eye makeup. The eye shadows on the outer corner is blended a bit winged out, narrowed towards the end of my eyebrows.

To define the eyes, I applied a black kohl eyeliner on the waterline and blend it outwards just on the outer corner and set it with black eye shadows to make it last.

                                                              The front view

To achieve more drama to the eyes.. apply a bit more of the black kohl eye liner just on the lower lashline and smudge it out towards the inner corner..

                                    Do I look different from the previous two looks ? ;)

To achieve a dramatic eye makeup look besides the colour of eyeshadows, the key is just using the right false lashes and the use of black kohl eyeliner for the smokey effects.Then you are done !

Full products

Face product:
Bobbi brown Vitamin enriched face base
Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation ( for dewy finish)
Bobbi Brown loose Powder
Pink rose blush ( from Blue & Denim Face Palette)
Pink Granite e/s ( rom the face palette) as a highliter on the cheekbnone
Refined golden for contouring (by MAC)

Eyes: (all from the Denim & Blue palette, otherwise specified)
eyebrow: Grey Denim
Navajo ( browbone)
Pink Granite (lid to crease)
Dark Rinse ( outer corner )
Denim Ink Gel Eyeliner
Extreme Party Mascara in Blue
Feline by MAC ( eyekohl for bottom eyes)

Lips; (all products from the palette)
Indie Rose
Iced Lilac Glitter lip gloss

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Collection

Its been years since I last bought Bobbi's limited edition palette. I'm not really a fan of Bobbi's eye shadows, really. I feel that its hard to blend and the pigmentation is not really good. But for this time, I think I had to get this because of the very sexy + rock n chic packaging ! Really, the main attraction of this product is the mini palette, very compact .. very nice .. covered with beautiful wash denim. I always love Bobbi's palette.. not because of the product (sometimes) but she always come out with very smart, unique palette case which is rarely seen from other cosmetic lines. (oh, is that what makes its expensive ??) . No matter what.. this Latest collection for Fall 2010 is interesting to have . Face palette (RM230)

This time, I'm stunned and satisfied with the beautiful colour combos of this face palette.. denim and rose hues are perfect ! I love the shadows except for the permanent shade which is Navajo ( I hate matte highlighter) but I believe its Bobbi's fav shade since she included this shade in almost of her limited edition palettes.. The blush .. as well as the lip products too are gorgeous ( any products with a flush of rose are my fav.) ! This palette is great for travel since its packed with 4 eyeshadow shades, 2 beautiful lip gloss shades, a soft rose blush. and two fresh rose lip colours. Quite plenty of options for day to night look. Genius !

photo soursce:

                                                       Love the zip around style ;) pretty !

Other cool stuffs that I got from this collection are the Denim Ink gel eyeliner (RM 75) and extreme Party Mascara (RM 80) which is a very dark blue mascara. Pretty cool isn't it. The gel eyeliner though is not a limited edition stuff, (sadly i just knew this !) The colour is a dark blue almost black.. or would I describe it as blue black which is great if you don't like the black eyeliner that can look harsh sometimes ... 
Check out other product range from this collection here

Interesting Part:

I got free product samples and a cosmetic bag that looks very classy in black ;) .. also entitled for 15% discount on any DKNY jeans denim wear and next item at 20% on the second purchase. but Im hoping to get a free denim from the lucky draw.. ughh .. (only in my dreams)

What is more interesting ? They offered me and hubby FREE facials at Bobbi Browns :) yeah ! Please be noted that this promo ends this Sunday ( 22nd August, 2010)
Free samples of face brightening cream and balm cleanser .. a mini size of shimmer lip gloss and a mini extreme party mascara in black. (cool ! that's what I love about BB .. at least they give FREE products after we spent lots of money on their items ! unlike this one "brand" ..the one that Im addicted to .. you know what I mean rite .. hee ~)
This is not part of the collection ...but since I bought this along with the other stuffs.. so why not, I just tell a lil' bit about this face base.. which is impressive ! Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base (50ml, RM180)
I was actually looking for a good night cream since my skin is extremely dehydrated due to fasting). My normal skin type is combination oily + dry. So I asked the MUA at BB ( never tried BB skincare before), whats her best recommendation.. so she gave me this. Err .. I was reluctant to take this at first since its not really a "night cream" ok.. its a face base ! but since she said that it can be worn anytime as needed.. so I just confidently grab this ( I knew that its a best seller.. so im not afraid to give it a try).. and I must say Its great ! If you have problems with drying skin, give this a try. Im 100% satisfied with this thing .. my skin is sort of back to balance -- to normal again :)

"A Bobbi Brown Best-Seller. Bobbi recommends this as the first step to prepare skin for the smoothest makeup application. Rich in feel, but never greasy, this advanced oil-free, face formula, with Shea Butter, instantly hydrates, softens, and cushions skin. Carrot Extract and Vitamin A Complex help minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamins C and E help protect against environmental damage. Grapefruit and Geranium fragrances leave a light, uplifting scent on skin. With daily use, skin looks and feels its best. Dermatologist-tested "
Great for moisten your face without feeling oily / greasy.. yess thats awesome ! It can be a substitute for primer as well .. err.. before the application of foundation to be exact ;) Love this to bits !

Last but not least .. My version of  Denim & Rose Look (More pics to come in the next post)

Ok friends, hope you gained something from this. have a great day ahead. 

p/s: Hope its not too late to wish my dear readers, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak and Selamat Berpuasa :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Solemnization Makeup

Fara from Dutamas, KL

As usual .. I always forgot to snap the pic before makeup ;(
darn !

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ikea Hacker : Vanity Table

Today, Im gonna blog about my dressing table ... yess, dressing table ,every woman needs it ! :)
Its actually the second vanity table that I owned especially for doing make ups. The first one is of course in my bedroom and its not a kind of mix and match pieces like this one, which im gonna tell you about ;p When I asked my hubby to build this , I said .. I wanted it to be as simple as possible, and fit the wall just right , since the room is quite small annnd I want it to be WHITE ! yess I love white furnitures.

At that time, we already owned a plain table bought at IKEA where it used to be sort of my working space, a (place where I did my embroidery things while playing computer :p ).. its actually a table top sold separately without the legs. So if you buy the table top piece, you have to purchase either two legs / 4 according to your requirement. In my case, I just used two legs and the other end is screwed to the wall. So, since the room is already crowded with stuffs and we never wanted it to be more pack with new furnitures and items, we decided to turn the table into a vanity table ... the beginning of Ikea hacking things.

Taraaa ...
Very simple isn't it ? I just love it !  The tabletop is made of pine wood .. the texture is very fine and we just leave it as it was. I think it suits the white framed mirror gorgeously. The mirror is also purchased at IKEA and its been fixed to a frame which has several bulbs fixed all around it for superb lighting !The frame of course is self built by my hubby :) The wiring though was kinda complicated to do .. but glad that he tackled the problems well, after a few times of  failure ;p Good try !

My hubby did an amazing job on building this up for me .. the kind of vanity table that I've ever dreamt of . The one you'd probably seen at backstages / built in at make up stores :p Thanx a million !! Mix and Match is cool and funnn to do :)

With the lights on :)

Building your own vanity dressing table isn’t as much of a challenge as it may appear to be. The key point is, let your imagination run wild, be creative and innovative ! ;)

check out the entry on Ikea Hacker website here

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miss Violet

Yess, the one that I finally decided to buy is the Miss Violet set!

The set includes: 1 pretty beauty powder which you can use it as a blusher , a mascara, a lipglass, a matte blusher, a mineralize e/s and a Face Chart ! :)The face chart is a simple quick guide for you to create the look using this stuffs.. but trust me, I couldnt find any purple spots on the mineralize e/s to apply it on my lid .. the veining is mix up with gold pink and deep plum, though I dont deny that there's a little of lilac hues in it, but its very difficult to pick up the colour with your fingers/brush !.. so its better for you to use any other purple e/s colour on your lid, and blend a bit of this on the crease.. if you want to achieve the look as of the face chart

Product Swatches. The lipglass can be worn alone or on top of the right lip colour. I would describe it as a mauve pink with some gold glitters in it.... it can be build up for greater intensity. I love the blush colour. its really pigmented, so a little goes a long way! Just becareful with it coz the colour is really deep and the texture is matte ,you wouldnt want your face to look like a "clown" ! :p Apply a small amount and blend.. if its not of your desired intensity.. re-apply again. Thats the only way you can control of the application. The beauty powder too is a gorgeous colour. I love rose hues. Its like a brownish pink that suits every skin tone .. I would wear this as a blusher instead of powder the whole face coz my face already has lots of redness ;(
Somehow, if you are fair and look pale, this beauty powder can warm your face a bit.. I would recommend using a large fluffy brush to apply it all over the face for smoother, better application.

I did a very simple quick easy makeup using Miss Violet stuffs but didnt elaborate more on the makeup.. i was very lazy to do it ! sowwy :p So this one is just a simple eye shadow application without eyeliners, highlighters .. and bla bla bla ... but this one is great for your daily makeup :) The e/s turn out to be pinkish plum with gold glitters when blended together.

Honestly, I hate to wear the eye shadow alone. I would probably combine it with a very dark mauve brown on the crease perhaps .. and finish it with a well define eyeliner on top as well as on the waterline. for a more dramatic look,  false lashes is the solution !

So, Thats all for now guys. Hope that I'll come up with more informative updates for you in my next post :) Have a great day ahead !