Monday, November 23, 2009

Porridge Lush Soap Melts !

I havent used this Lush soaps but it already melts ! Oh noooo ... maybe because I store it in my cool room temp. ?

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes ?

This is what I normally do ... For quick easy cleaning, is spot cleaning ....
The easiest way is by using any kinds of brush cleansers.. Im currently using the one by MAC ..

To avoid product waste, I transfer into an empty spray bottle so that I can just spritzz on the brush bristles instead of pouring it into a cleaning bowl.

Spray the dirty brushes and swirl the brush onto a clean cloth.. re-spray with the cleanser and re-swirl until all the brushes are clean~ready to be used. This method is the easiest and the fastest way to have a dry makeup brush for the next usage

Deep cleaning: Once in a while, I clean the brushes thru this method. Pour some shampoo conditioner (any brand) into a clean bowl, and mix with warm water

Deep in all the dirty brushes and let it soak for a few minutes. Next step is hold the brushes under running water to rinse. Make sure all the residues have been removed. Squeeze the bristles lightly, up from the base to the up of bristles to remove any excess water or soap. Lay the brush flat on its side onto a washcloth to dry.

The clean brush :)
Some info about cleaning makeup brushes:
Other than shampoo conditioner,.... facial makeup remover, shampoo, anti-bacterial hand soap and vinegar can also be used. Click This for more info on how to clean your brushes :)
Remember, sanitizing and cleaning your makeups and the tools are very important to kill the bacterias ( If you are the only one that uses your makeups, sanitizing your makeup products for at least every 3 months is essential) ... Eventhough cosmetics do contain preservatives to kill bacterias, there is still the risk of contamination especially with the shared makeup.
My makeup sanitizing regime is as easy as spraying pure alcohol onto the makeup/tools. For eyeshadows, lipsticks and any powdery products ( blushers, compact powders) all I do is rub off the top surface with paper tissue first and spritzz 2-3 times with alcohol. Some, use the sterile blade which can be purchased at any drugstores .. if Im not mistaken ! For any pencil type products, sharpening the tip and spray a bit of alcohol will do. Unfortunately, so far there just aren't any methods to sanitize the mascara, liquid foundation and the lip glosses ... so it is advised to discard within three months after opening. For me, as long as you dont share with others, I think we can still use it for longer time :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Decoupage Project Part 1

The original IKEA mini drawer

Today on Sunday, me and hubby decided to be at home to do some craft works. Usually we always go out for window shopping or else during weekends ! Somehow, we realize that there are so much things that we can do together at home instead of going out that we tend to spend money ! Luckily we share the same interest and hobby, yeaaaaay ! :) He is planning to build he's own working table and I decided to do a decoupage project ! Well, to be honest this is my first decoupage project, hehe and I dunno whether this will turn out beautifully as I imagined.. well lets see the outcomes later on .. I heard about decoupage long time ago while I was in secondary school. At that time, Debbie Travis The Painted House was one of my fav tv programmes on Astro. I think that programme is the best interior decorating show ever !!! I learnt lots of art makings from her TV show. Wish that Astro makes Debbie Travis The Painted House be showing again on Tv, coz we can be inspired by her works that we can do it ourselves .. does it makes sense ? well it does makes sense to me ...

I have this IKEA mini chest with 5 drawers which I bought a year ago for my makeup storage. Now, Its been left since I already have my dressing table and makeup box ! hehehe ... as the famous Malays saying " Habis madu, sepah dibuang" :p But Im sure Im gonna use this drawers after its been decorated beautifully .. hahaha. Maybe, for storing my threads and sewing tools :)

Before being painted

After applying first coat ... actually was eager to paint with Olivine colour or moss green, (which are my fav. colours, ermm but all colours are my fav. , seriously...) unfortunately they arent many colour choices available for cheap paints :p

First coat .. soon to be layered with second coating after the first coat becomes dry to the touch... lots of procedure isnt it .. *sigh* passion is the neccesity in the arts making process :)

Here are some of the pictures before the decoupage thingy .. I will be updating the progress as soon as the next step is complete :) ~cheers !

Friday, November 20, 2009

Magic,Mirth and Mischief... (my late review)

Sorry for this late reviews on the 3M, holiday collections from MAC. Im not gonna review in details .. mmm just to share with you guys what I got ! You know that its not an easy job to take pictures and it needs some editing thats for sure .. ( just resizing and cropping makes my life difficult sometimes :p) hehe the laziness really bothers me !

Since Im new to MAC and only follows the limited edition stuff early this year, so I cant make any comparisons between this year and the past. But, from reviews that I read from other blogs, they said that this year has improvement in terms of colours, products and the packagings are so adorable arent they ? What have I purchased from this collection ? lets check it out ... ! :)

The only reason that I took this one is .. because of the Dervish lipliner and of course the cutey lip bag in pink!!! I realized that the other lip set suits me more after I bought this .. hmmmm my mistakes !

I bought two out of 4 palettes coz I think these two have the most beautiful colours .. and I dont have this e/s colours yet ... the other two are just the ordinary one .. somehow wish to have them all if I have the budget :p If I were to choose between these two .. I might get the Sorceress palette ! Love it very much :)

Iris accents - Eye kohl pencil which cant be worn on your waterline coz it has some kind of sparkling particles ... afraid that your precious eyes might be infected ! So, it can only be used as eyeliner ... so frustrated ! hmmmm

I love to collect lipgloss .. so I took 2 of the cremesheen glasses since I already have the other one which is Ever so Rich ( lilac colour ).. bought it on ebay long time ago and I still have it ..

Im not a big fan of Dazzleglass! Am I weird ? coz I know many Mac lovers out there are soo into the dazzleglasses .. but I decided to buy this She zam coz its so kewl.. its a silver colour gloss with colourful glitters !

For RM150 , You get 1 blacktrack fluidline (~RM62), 1 pigment (forgot the price), 1 mini Zoomlash mascara, and a mini 209SE brush ~ Save a lot of money !

I already have some of the brushes in this brush set, but I think this one might be good for travelling .. though I know these brushes are not handmade like the permanent range..

Ok, Thats all about my Mac Holiday Haul .. I didnt get any of the Mineralize shadows since Im not a big fan of them .. though I admit they are all gorgeousss !!! esp the blue sorcery .. the one in teal colour. In my opinion, I think the MSF kit and Naughty Noir (eye set) are pretty worth buying ! So lucky not to get the Shimpagne MSF on ebay before !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lush Lush Lush yummy soaps

Today, Im gonna blog about Lush soaps that I've been craving for (its just a soap ok not food :p) .. Wondering where I got Lush from ? Yes, I know its not available here in Malaysia.. but I took the oppurtunity to order from a friend who went to Dubai last week. I googled the Internet to search for the Lush store location in Dubai.... luckily, someone had mentioned she got the soap at Deira City Centre, Dubai. From that, I know Its always been useful to write about anything that we know in blogs, forums or anything alike .. coz we share informations ! I sometimes, feel that its not important to write about me, does anybody care ? does anyone might interested to read ? aahh who cares, the most imprtant thing is, someone might get the information that he/she is looking for whther directly or indirectly ! Well that's good .. coz sharing is caring right :)

Ok, back to this Lush soap.. Im really satisfied with all of my purchase eventhough I havent had the chance to get the feeling of buying myself ! From reviews that I recently read from ciao, blogs and you tube videos, The Lush shop is heavenly smells with assorted soaps.. anykinds.. different types, colours, scents.. and what is special about their soaps is, each type is made from different natural tones of fruits and vegetables, essential oils, spices etc .. and thats the reason why their soaps have strong scents. For further info, read up their Lushopedia at the Lush websites. There are many sites from different countries which you can select at Lush is made from UK, so its kinda expensive.. but worth the value !

What have I bought ? Here are some pictures taken to share with you :)

I wont be describing these Lush soaps in details coz I've just tried one of them so far. The first one that I've tried is Rockstar !

The sweet smell of Rockstar reminds me the scents of bubblegum .. hmm so yummee .. it makes me wanna try this first !! but Lush describes this as vanilla scented bar .. vanillaa ? hmm I dont smell vanilla in this soap.. but for sure it smells so good. Today I used this and my bathroom now is soo sweet smell hehehe :) I really like the colour .. its just plain pink. but the pink is soo adorable ! It lathers well too ..

The second one is Mange Too : This is a massage bar actually and the price is quite higher than the other 4 that I've bought .. Lush describes this as mouth watering white chocolate, honey and peppermint. I smell very mild scents of banana though in this soap .. or maybe a lil portion of white chocolate + honey + peppermint = banana scents ? haha.. stupid chemical equations there .. perhaps its true ... coz It does smells like banana to me. The colour of the soap as you can see is cream and it has the honeycomb pattern (so does the hexagonal shape of the soap) on top and just plain on the other side. I love the scents of this soap too !

The third one is called Demon In the Dark. Lush describes this soap, as sharp minty smells coz it consists of peppermint and spearmint with clove and apple juice. In my opinion, this soap is more suitable for men, and I meant to buy this for my husband :) This soap is said to be perfect for feeling awaken and refreshing and it produces green foam which I think its so kewl !

Next is Porridge which is one of the bestsellers ! I really like this one coz it smells rather mild than the rest. It has rough texture so it works as exfoliator and cleanser as well. It has oats + fresh organic orange juice which is soo yummee ! hehe .. sounds yummee to me .. well I think this one is gonna be my favourite among the rest. Cant wait to try this one out !

Lastly, Honey I washed the kids is described as a bath soap that is suitable for washing the whole family even those with sensitive skin. It is caramel and honey scented soap that is topped with a slice of beeswax and infused with bergamot and sweet orange to lift up spirits. This soap is one of the bestsellers as well .. many people love this one the most ! I think this one smells quite mild as well... love love love this one too !

If you ask me which one I like best .. I would probably say Porridge is number 1 ! then, second goes to Rockstar, Honey I washed the kids, Mangee too and lastly Demon In the dark. I would probably love to try the other Lush soaps as well.. especially Karma, Miranda, The god mother and Chox away !

Monday, November 16, 2009

Good News for SmashBox Lover In Malaysia

I've found out that smashbox has opened its free standing store at Parkson Pavillion not more than a month ago. I used to order smashbox thru ebay before.. and now im so so happy coz I can easily get their products which I loveeee ! No more has to pay for high shipping rate / waiting for the delivery time ! But its a bad news also to me coz my pockets will be in danger ! hahaha :p

I havent made any studies yet and make comparison about the price of buying thru ebay and shop here ... should do !! later...

check out their website:

My First Benefit Products

Yesterday, I went to the Benefit counter @ Parkson Pavillion. The makeup artist was very nice and helpful so now I know, whenever I wanna get benefit, pavilion is where I should go ! Been longing to buy a few of their products but I think the price of each items are quite expensive especially they sell the eye pencil for rm95 ? Maybe they offers very good quality and great packaging as well but its still too pricey for me. The fancy packaging really attracts me to buy their items really, not the products ! Benefits received many good reviews from people though., so it makes me more craving to get some of the benefits stuff ! :p
Outside Box
For this christmas, Benefit has come out with 4 holiday gifts sets which one of them is called Celebuntate. Its a box complete with whole makeup for natural look and the eyeshadows are suitable for application during daytime. For 8 miniature size, the price is rm148. Well, I think its worth buy for those who wanna try this product for the first time like me hehe. The box is well packaged and its very cutee ! Also suitable for travelling. Its a limited edition so I take this oppurtunity to grab this one , coz its like a trial set.
Under light without flash

What are inside the make up kit ? L-R: 2 miniature size lipsticks (Lady's choice + No Competition), I'm with the band lip gloss, High beam, Benetint, Leggy + Dandy Brandy e/s, Dallas face powder, 1 Dual brush and 1 Fluff shadow

What is good about Benefit Make up kit is, it always provide with useful instructions to apply their products. Benificial for the beginners !

Love the packaging !!!

This Dandelion blusher is very ballerina pinkish in colour n its very natural. Its one of the best selling Benefit products and it receives many good reviews. It comes with a small squared fluffy brush but I dont think its the best tool to apply the blusher coz its quite straight shape. I prefer a dome shape and fluffier brush for applying blusher to have very well blend colour on my cheeks. Sooo cant wait to try this blusher!
What is my other benefit wishlist ?
would love to buy, Coralista (blusher), High Brow, Bad Gal Mascara in black, Laugh with me Lee Lee perfume, Face primer and the eyebrow kit