Monday, November 16, 2009

My First Benefit Products

Yesterday, I went to the Benefit counter @ Parkson Pavillion. The makeup artist was very nice and helpful so now I know, whenever I wanna get benefit, pavilion is where I should go ! Been longing to buy a few of their products but I think the price of each items are quite expensive especially they sell the eye pencil for rm95 ? Maybe they offers very good quality and great packaging as well but its still too pricey for me. The fancy packaging really attracts me to buy their items really, not the products ! Benefits received many good reviews from people though., so it makes me more craving to get some of the benefits stuff ! :p
Outside Box
For this christmas, Benefit has come out with 4 holiday gifts sets which one of them is called Celebuntate. Its a box complete with whole makeup for natural look and the eyeshadows are suitable for application during daytime. For 8 miniature size, the price is rm148. Well, I think its worth buy for those who wanna try this product for the first time like me hehe. The box is well packaged and its very cutee ! Also suitable for travelling. Its a limited edition so I take this oppurtunity to grab this one , coz its like a trial set.
Under light without flash

What are inside the make up kit ? L-R: 2 miniature size lipsticks (Lady's choice + No Competition), I'm with the band lip gloss, High beam, Benetint, Leggy + Dandy Brandy e/s, Dallas face powder, 1 Dual brush and 1 Fluff shadow

What is good about Benefit Make up kit is, it always provide with useful instructions to apply their products. Benificial for the beginners !

Love the packaging !!!

This Dandelion blusher is very ballerina pinkish in colour n its very natural. Its one of the best selling Benefit products and it receives many good reviews. It comes with a small squared fluffy brush but I dont think its the best tool to apply the blusher coz its quite straight shape. I prefer a dome shape and fluffier brush for applying blusher to have very well blend colour on my cheeks. Sooo cant wait to try this blusher!
What is my other benefit wishlist ?
would love to buy, Coralista (blusher), High Brow, Bad Gal Mascara in black, Laugh with me Lee Lee perfume, Face primer and the eyebrow kit


Anonymous said...

I bought it too, but from Benefit online stores =)
Love it to bits! So, so cute and the colors are wearable.

annyss said...

oh great! i loove benefit! i've been wanting the coralista so so bad..T_T

Evilfaceofangel said...

k.ana ainn nk tnya bnyk2 make up product which one u think the best?
alredy try bnfits but bkn smue product ..yg set k.ana beli ni blh tau harga x?kat OU xde jual pulak
terima kasih

sweet maniac said...

salam ;)
if u ask me, in my opinion xsmua brand carries smua range yang best. different brand smua ada best product tersendiri.It depends on individual skin n taste. tp yg paling byk choice n hrga pun xmahal sgt.. MAC. btw, ni limited edition palette by benefit dear, last year punya. u cr kt mana2 pun dh xjumpa hehe