Monday, November 23, 2009

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes ?

This is what I normally do ... For quick easy cleaning, is spot cleaning ....
The easiest way is by using any kinds of brush cleansers.. Im currently using the one by MAC ..

To avoid product waste, I transfer into an empty spray bottle so that I can just spritzz on the brush bristles instead of pouring it into a cleaning bowl.

Spray the dirty brushes and swirl the brush onto a clean cloth.. re-spray with the cleanser and re-swirl until all the brushes are clean~ready to be used. This method is the easiest and the fastest way to have a dry makeup brush for the next usage

Deep cleaning: Once in a while, I clean the brushes thru this method. Pour some shampoo conditioner (any brand) into a clean bowl, and mix with warm water

Deep in all the dirty brushes and let it soak for a few minutes. Next step is hold the brushes under running water to rinse. Make sure all the residues have been removed. Squeeze the bristles lightly, up from the base to the up of bristles to remove any excess water or soap. Lay the brush flat on its side onto a washcloth to dry.

The clean brush :)
Some info about cleaning makeup brushes:
Other than shampoo conditioner,.... facial makeup remover, shampoo, anti-bacterial hand soap and vinegar can also be used. Click This for more info on how to clean your brushes :)
Remember, sanitizing and cleaning your makeups and the tools are very important to kill the bacterias ( If you are the only one that uses your makeups, sanitizing your makeup products for at least every 3 months is essential) ... Eventhough cosmetics do contain preservatives to kill bacterias, there is still the risk of contamination especially with the shared makeup.
My makeup sanitizing regime is as easy as spraying pure alcohol onto the makeup/tools. For eyeshadows, lipsticks and any powdery products ( blushers, compact powders) all I do is rub off the top surface with paper tissue first and spritzz 2-3 times with alcohol. Some, use the sterile blade which can be purchased at any drugstores .. if Im not mistaken ! For any pencil type products, sharpening the tip and spray a bit of alcohol will do. Unfortunately, so far there just aren't any methods to sanitize the mascara, liquid foundation and the lip glosses ... so it is advised to discard within three months after opening. For me, as long as you dont share with others, I think we can still use it for longer time :)


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