Monday, November 16, 2009

My tiring weekend

My sister is here in KL for 4 days !! Im quite excited to have her here to accompany me and hubby 2 do our regular work during weekends which is ? ... shopping ! huhu. Besides that, our main intention while she's here is to watch the 2012 @ the cinema. Or should I say WAS , because at first we went to cineleisure yesterday but unfortunately we faced the long queue.. so we cancelled and had decided to watch it t'day at Pavillion... we were so unlucky coz by the time we arrived there the tickets were sold out!!! Not in the mood already to watch this movie.. hope this weekend, I'll have the opportunity to watch the new movie the Christmast Carol which will b in theater on 19NOV.

Well, these 2 days.. we went to quite a few places. Yesterday ... dh lupa kemana kitaorg start jalan2 eh ? oooo ... we went straight to One utama first, coz the main purpose ialah I wanted to find a new pair of jeans and a pair of shoes , pastu nk usha2 sikit dkt counter benefits tu, the holiday gift set dh available ke blom ? tp malang sekali xsmpai lg .. huhu... and lagipun OU dkt dgn the Curve. Actuallyy.. sgt suka pegi the curve esp. on weekends coz nk pegi at the street ! kt situ byk brg2 best .. tp most of the items are from China, tp dia mark up price kaw2 ! Well, byk jugak la brg yg luar biasa sikit yg xde kt tmpat lain. If you are the one yg suka kpd bnda2 yg art sikit and apa lg sbnrnya yg Im interested to buy eh ? ooo the pengepit rambut yg decorated with beautiful2 flowers ! Tp skrg dh byk jer ada jual kt mana2 even I've found there are sold at Metrojaya Midvalley ! Cuma yg dekat the street ni lg byk choice .. if you are curious what they are like ,.. check it out ok ! :)

So, after OU we went to the street @ the Curve .. tp last night hujan agak lebat and kebetulan smpai sana pun dh agak lewat .. almost quarter to 10 .. byk dh stall yg tutup .. frussst ! So, takpelah.. boleh tgk movie 2012 tu ... sekali, panjang giler queue.. xsanggupppp ... frust lagi ! tp biler hr ni pun dkt Pavilion tickets sold out ... mmg dh tawar hati, xmo tgk dah huhu

Before Pavilion .. sempat jugak pergi Jln Tar looking for selendang, Great Eastern Mall looking for Batik and pameran pengantin that was held @ PWTC ... bukan apa, nk cuba tgk jer apa yg ada .. hehe manalah tau, dpt ideas ke and suppliers ke if kalau2 ada rezeki nk open a bridal boutique someday ? who knows ?? :) Tp the best thing is , yesterday I've bought benefit holiday gift set and dandelion (which I was admiring to buy for a loooooooooooooooong2 time ! and now I own it and im so2 happy ! ;)


p/s: Dalam 1/2 hari, menjelajah ke 4 tmpat ! isk2 .. mmg ratu berjalan betul ! hehe

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