Monday, December 7, 2009

I've Got P@rcel :)

I've been shopping for cosmetics thru ebay lately ... you know, there are many interesting stuff that I want to have.. that I admire to buy .. arent available here ! So, ebay is the right place for me to online shopping .. just one thing that suxx ... you know what ? SHIPPING RATE ! ughh .. I've got to pay usd12 which is almost rm40 for these 4 items!! .. its not reasonable at all !

My ebay purchase: L-R: UDPP the regular one, UDPP Sin, Too Faced e/s Insurance, Stila Kajal in Onyx and I got a free gift ! :)
UDPP is the eyeshadow primer that I cant live without ! I've been using this primer for months now and I can say Im in love with this coz its really awesome !! Its really great if you have oily eyelids .. apply this primer before your eye shadows, sure it wont crease and will stay put for all day long ... You wont regret buying this.. I swearr !! Too Faced Eyeshadow primer n Stila Kajal in ONyx are new to me, but I thought of giving it a try since these two items r also favourited by many people ... hopefully these items are great.. so it would worth the shipping costs !


Ms Lis'EM said...

hi sis.. just wanna share info. why don't u try instead of ebay.The shipping is free and u can get discount too!

Ms Lis'EM said...

hi there.. just wanna share info. why don't u try, shipping cost is free and they offer discounts too.

sweet maniac said...

yess is a great option to purchase a product too. but smetimes I dont find wht I want thru there.. I always search for a better options whenever I want to order stuff thru the net first and make comparisons :)