Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Year Beauty Spree :D

A new year is around the corner .... are you looking to get yourself new clothings and bags ? or makeup stuffs ?? hehe ... my new year beauty spree would be ... of course, to get the new Mac collections that would be realesed so soon ! Im getting tired and sick of this .. really , but how am I going to stop when Mac has becoming more and more creative and genius with their marketing strategies ?? Look at the seducing promo pics of Love Lace as well as the Warm & Cozy !! People will just so tempted to get the collections even when we just look at this pics .. yet not knowing what they have for these collections ! hahaha.

Mac Love Lace promo pic

Mac Warm & Cozy promo pic
Im looking forward for the next awesome collections by MAC which are the Love Lace, and also Warm & Cozy for Winter 2009 collections which will be released on the same date ?? ugh this things really makes me sick ... but still I wanted to b sick with mac ... weird :P I really heart this Love Lace, one thing is because I love lace !! I mean the real openwork fabric.. .. and im a lace craft maniac as well ! Ooh when I first heard about this Love Lace collections ... I imagined that... maybe the packaging, the box would be creatively adorned by sexy lace pattern ??Mac should do that I think coz people will just die when they just take a look at that gorgeous packaging :p But unfortunately, ... NO ! They just came in regular black casing as usual ...
So, the U.S release date for these two collections will be on the 26th dec... but some has got their hands on these stuffs , since Mac had released the Love Lace a week early ... but for sure the International release date is on January 2010 .. im not sure when is the exact date, though. As usual .. I do my studies first hehe . Look up for swatches at a few different blogs and specktra.net for sure !
Well, there are just a few things in Mac Love Lace ... glad to hear that ! So it wont make my mind and heart so miserable what to get ... and what should I sadly leave .. hmm for the reason.. I shouldnt be spending so much on makeups anymore ! Oooh but the bad news is, there are lots of beautiful2 colours in Warm & Cozy which are sort of my colours ... yes, I love earth colours.. I prefer the safe side .. ermm maybe because im a simple person.. so natural colours suits me more in many ways ! Anyhow, there are quite a few things that been repromote by MAC and some are not a limited editions stuff in these two collections.. so glad .. I already have some of the items .. I can cut my spending this time ! :)

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