Monday, September 27, 2010

My Random MAC Haul + Some Photos and Swatches Part I

Here comes the most boring post of today... my random haul ! ;p
I am actually kinda lazy to write about the stuffs that I recently bought from MAC latest collections .. a HUGE collection.. which is the Fabulous Felines (coz more stuffs means more explanations).. and a few items from the previous one which was from Dare To Wear and the Digi Pop. I only picked up a few items though,.. so I will only tell a bit what I got from each of the collections.

Mac Dare To Wear Collections

Im not really into bold, bright shadows... so I skipped most of the shadows even though I admit that all the colours are beautiful ! I picked up only 2 shadows out of 12 ! Its Crazy isn't it.. MAC released 12 shadows at a time.. i.e. If I were to buy all those, it had cost me about almost a thousand dollars... madness :p It was kinda difficult for me to make selections. Most of the shadows from this collections are matte... where matte is boring ! I love Veluxe Pearl finishes but theres only one lavender colour ( Crazy Cool) in the collections. I already have so many purple eye shadows.. so I skipped that.. no more purple .. thank you ! hehe .. I end up buying one frost (Going Bananas) and 1 satin finishes ( the only satin shadows in the collections) which is Winkle

Going Bananas is described as a soft lemon yellow, re promote from C-Shock collections. This colour is quite famous among the MAC lovers, but Im kinda disappointed with it, the colour doesn't really produce a great pay off .. it appears very sheer hence good as the inner corner highlights. The colour is so intense when used with a yellow base primer, though. Winkle is a mid-tone cornflower blue in Satin finish. Its a pretty blue colour which is not too bright, suitable for almost all skin tone. 

I love the fact that when these two mixed together, it turned out to be a turquoise colour. Yess, Blue + yellow = green. Damn, winkle is kinda hard to blend on my "scarred crease" .. :( I firstly applied "yellow" by NYX as the eyeshadow base on the lid before applying Going Bananas for a great pay off. Seriously.. I dont DARE to wear such colours on my eyes.. would definitely find some other neutral shades to combine with each of the colours.

Gimme That ! is the only Dare to wear Lipglass that I picked up, but honestly.. I dont like this ! I prefer the dazzleglass  instead. Its really super tacky and sticky on my lips.. Gimme that is a bright fuschia which has fuschias and purplish micropearl. 

This is what it looks like on my lips... never tried on top of any matching lipsticks which I think would be better. Great colour for those who doesnt like/ lazy (like me) to do the eye makeup :D

Digi Pop Collections

There are 13 NEW Limited edition glitter lipsticks from this collections.. though I dont really like glittery finishes, but I fell in love with this one..

Introducing.... my MOST Fav dazzle lipsticks; Liquid Lurex (Tarnished Golden~ Pearl). I Looove this so much! It looks quite greenish with silver-pink pearl but goes on very sheer on the lips. This colour would be a perfect topper on almost colour of lipsticks. It gives a silvery finish. Plan to get another one of this for back up. Its been re promoted in the Fabulous Feline released early Sept.

The swatches: left; Jealous Lipglass ( from the Fabulous Feline) and Liquid Lurex ( from Digi Pops, Reporomote in Fabulous Feline)

Liquid Lurex alone ... pretty sheer with multi dimensional pearl.

Example on top of MAC Laugh a Lot Lipstick..
Laugh a lot alone ...

Liquid Lurex +Laugh a Lot. The green undertone of liquid lurex slightly neautralize the pink colour of laugh a lot and add shimmers to it

to be continued in Part II


Nadiah said...

Salam Anna,

Bila tengok this 2 colour eyeshadow reminded me your last post eye make up inpired by bird.
The result slightly looks like same.

Anyway Ana...I need your advise.For eyeshadow which type yg more lasting and sesuai for everyday use. I mean shimmer type or matte type.

sweet maniac said...

salam nadiah :)
owh yg tu I guna "manly eyeshadows" yg 120 colour palette. and the blue and yellow colour a bit darker.

to make it more lasting kena pki eyeshadow base la dear.. unless you have dry lid. shimmery e/s lg cantik dari matte and snang blend. matte tu biasa org pakai on the outer V jer for contouring. If you are looking for new eyeshadows, try tgk palette br MAC tu.. sgt cantik .. Leapord Luxe. great for beginners yg br nk beli. kalau x 4 eyeshadows (at least) costs you about Rm58x4. the quad is just rm140. cheaper brand is Loreal (quad)

Nadiah said...

Thanks Anna...I'm so addicted to your blog now.

Good Luck.

sweet maniac said...

haha yer ke ? Thanx to you too :)