Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fash NurFazlina Selayang~ Reception

Date: 19.12.10
Event: Reception
Location: Selayang Baru

Fash ~ Before

To Fash: Congratulations on your wedding and may you have a blissful marriage ! Thanx for hiring me to do your makeup and your kind co-operation is so much appreciated ;)


puterihannan said...

cantiknya make up mata tu... sy suke!

zOeY zAu YaH said...


brid3ofkayangan said...

lawanya...Anna i did email u psl make up check ya...=)

sweet maniac said...

thank you ;)

brideofkayangan: hmm yer ke.. maybe i xperasan atau xreceive ? let me check again.. sorrrry

fash said...

(: tengs ana
the make up was so cantik.
and they lasted the whole day.
fully recommended! (: