Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Syida Klang ~ Dinner Make Up

Date: 18.12.10
Location: At my casa ;)
She had requested for a soft smokey eyes + nude lips

Before Make up

Syida after makeover. I love the scarves! Its from Maysaa .. click here to directly jump to the website

Thanx Syida ;)


Atiqah Adnan said...

Cantiknyee... dear, nanti kalau boleh share ilmu mekap.. buat tutorial ke? and produk yang u selalu guna.. hee~

err nak tanye untuk founcation yang for daily using ade tak yg bole u recommend?

tq darl..

Aida Narina said...

I wonder if i can hire you for the upcoming event on the first week of january hehe. It's for my friend's reception btw :) I love what you did to Syida. May I know the price for your service dear? If you hv the time, email me at: :)

p/s: I have the Maysaa satin wrap too. Love it! :)

ZARA said...

wow! so preety!!!

sweet maniac said...

atiqah: InsyaAllah .. besides, you can join my class. tp kna cr 4 org/class. nanti bila snang i buat entry my daily makeup routine k ;)

aida: will email you later.. ;) tq

zara: thanx for the compliment!

ElyaElmo said...

sis!!cantik nyeeee...seris cantikkk....nampak wow!!