Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brush Holders; How I Organize My Make Up Brushes ?

Hi my dear readers :) Today, I would like to share with you guys on how I organize my make up brushes.  Its the easiest way and most implemented by many make up mavens out there. I do the same thing with my brushes , coz I love to see them well organized on the dressing table ! I bought 2 glass jars and filled up with sand and small coloured stones. You can find these things at any department stores but I purchased the glass jars and the coloured sand at SSF~ Home Deco Mart. I uploaded a few pictures of some of my make up brushes, organized in a separate jars according to types for face, eyes and some random brushes.

I dont like to make my life complicated !! So its another reason, why I organize my makeup brushes this way instead of putting them in the drawer because ... it is definitely super reachable and it can get organized back in no time ! :)

I also had decoupage a plain ceramic pot which I bought at the IKEA , with a tissue paper and filled it up with coloured stones to keep the brushes in place ! Isnt this a cool idea for a brush holder ?? Get creative and colour your world girlss! :) You also can use any kinds of jars, plastic containers ? and fill it with cheaper stuffs like rice, pebbles or even coins ! Create a brush holders that strikes your fancy or match your deco. Its fun ! :)


Ribbon Clown said...

Ahh..thanks for sharing this.. now I know how to organize those brushes he he

yan said...

thanks! and so pretty too! just what i was looking for!