Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A lil updates on my bullion embroidery work

Nothing much to say but to share a few pictures of my latest work on embroidered hijab. I just finished with the pink tudung ... and just got started with a new one... tiring ! I wish that I can finish up the new one as soon as possible coz I'll be busy with soo many projects waiting ! :( Too many things in mind... I mean, there are lots of work that I had to do,  but  delayed ... and soo many things that I would like to do .. but still.. havent had the chance to achieve it because of the time constraints ! I hate my poor time management .. it drives me insane ! :(

These are handmade headscarfs ordered by a regular customer :)

Face of the day: Spring Forecast Inspired Look ! hehehe

p/s: In case you are wondering where to get the beautiful purple inner scarf that im wearing in the picture above ... i'll give updates on where to get that very soon ! stay tuned ! :)


Anonymous said...

OMGosh!!!! that is divine, the best ever!!! i love that..you are so talented and creative!!!

ciao bella

Shabbyfufu said...

WOW...you truly do BEAUTIFUL work! Thanks for stopping by my blog. In answer to your question about back issues of Romantic Country Magazine, I think it would be best to write to Harris Publications and see if there are any available? ~ Hugs ~ Janet

efa fairuz said...

sooooo lovely, the embroidered scarf n u ofcourse!

mmg bertangan seni..hasil sentuhan semua cantik2..kagum!