Thursday, April 1, 2010

MAC Give Me Liberty Haul & Art Supplies; Photos & Swatches

I went out last Saturday to buy this beautiful new collections but since I was too busy with my work, so I had to hold this post first. You know what, I had to go to Sunway Pyramid which is quite far from my place just to get 1 eye kohl since at that time it was already sold out at KLCC! Yup .. this time, several items sold out whithin a day!! So I had to go to several places to grab what I wanted .. and oh, I had to pick up petals and peacocks which has been reserved for me at Pavillion .. oh yeaah MAC , you are brilliant! People will do anything for you .. even you marked up the price by RM3 for each item !! grrr

These items are selling so quickly .. so if you dont want to miss out on this ... better hurry !

I love this collection so much !! Love the packaging,great colours of eyeshadows and lipsticks too ! This time, it has changed the colour of the boxes as well .. to Pretty White ! :) Well,black packaging is boring... so its good to change the colour sometimes. Maybe later .. change it to baby blue or pink ? It would be nice, really :)

Here are some of the photos .. and of course, a picture before taken out from the box ! :)

Along with this Liberty collection also came out The Lady Gaga as well as Cindy Lauper VIVA Glam and Art Supplies collections but I only picked up a few from that, though its not deniable that they caught my eyes too !

The MAC Art Supplies mostly are the pearl glide intense eyeliners, grease paint sticks and the new lip products innovation which are lip stains in marker form !

My regular routine before buying .. trying this and that .. but I've forgotten the names already .. oooppss ! sorry for that ... 
 I'll try my best to name these pearl line pencils ya !
From L-R : Almost Noir, Petrol Blue,Undercurrent, Black Line, Industrial, Designer Purple
These are the swatches of Marker Lip Stains, pretty dull ! It looks great on lips though ...                                      

The packagings are adorable :) me love it ! 

The packagings of the eye shadows are really cute :)

The e/s swatches from L-R: Birds and Berries,Bough Grey , Dame's Desire

Birds and Berries is a beautiful colour. It is a frosted dark green blue
Bough Grey - Mid tone bluish green. My second fav !
Dame's Desire- Frosty mid-tone reddish purple. Its a repromote e/s from Dame's Edna Collction

Upper L-R: Shadesticks: Greesegrain, Marker Lip Stains: Style Setter
Bot L-R : Feline Eyekohl , Pear Line Black Line and Undercurrent respectively

Summer Rose Beauty Powder ~ Soft Violet Pink With Pearl and its very sheer but still quite pigmented so can be applied as a blusher

Petals And Peacocks (Amplified) ~ Creamy bright magenta pink

Lipstick Swatches, L-R: Show Orchid , Petals and Peacocks , Blooming Lovely
Petals and Peacocks reminds me of Show Orchid Lipticks. Its kinda similar.. but Show Orchid is more to bright pink and Petals and Peacocks has got purple tone in it.

From Left, Lavender Whip (LE) , Blooming Lovely

Blooming lovely reminds me of lavender whip l/s which is one of my fav colour. Its just that blooming lovely is a bit deeper than lavender whip. Its a pretty creamy greyed lilac mauve.
VIVA Glam Gaga ! Gorgeous barbie pink colour with blue undertone. Its a wearable colour and its a lustre finish. So, you have to build up quite a lot of layers to cover your bare lips. Its a good combination with smokey eyes.

L-R: Summer Rose Beauty Powder, Blooming Lovely ( Purply Pink Colour) , English Accents l/g (creamy mid tone blue pink)

The packaging for the lipsticks and lip glass is kewl ! Pretty in white and it has another cover that has to be slided out from the box
This is a mineral blush from Too Fabulous Collection which I just bought along with Liberty of London. This is one is called Two Virtues.
Two Virtues is a Lavender Pink colour. There are 6 Limited edition mineralize blushes but I think this is the most prettiest ! :)

I hope some of my photos and swatches have been useful :) Have a great day !

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