Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bridal Make Up for Bridal Photo Shoots Part 2

Here are some photos of the second model ..
Lydia: Before

After Make Over: For the first outfit, which is suitable for solemnization, I used a soft pastel eye shadows. Combination of soft pearl colour and purple on the outer V. Pink Lipsticks ! Yes of course ! .. to create a romantic sweet  look :)

Second Oufit
Still stick with the same eye make up .. I added a brighter colour of pink lipsticks ! more suitable for reception ...

Third Outfit

I changed the eye make up by layering pastel pink eye shadows on the lid and darken the outer V with dark purple

For this look , I toned down the lip colour by layering the previous lip colour with lighter pink shades to compliment the pink dress

The photos taken and posted in these two post ( Check for Part 1) .. are actually some kind of promo pics for a newly opened bridal boutique, located at Tok Bali Kelantan. Kindly visit the blog * listed on the sidebar  Dont forget to be a follower ! :)


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