Friday, April 2, 2010

I Love Buttons ! :)

Remember I mentioned about the three different boxes that I made ? Nope, actually my dearest hubby who did the woodworking and I did the decoration part ! hee hee.  This is another one .. huhu. The first was the distressed one, ribbon embroidery and this is with cutey embelishments!  but this one I wanted the box to look cute and girlish so I added a lil bit decorations in front with diff. sorts of cutey buttons and ribbons .. of course ! 
These can be found at craft stores

This is a plain one before decorating it with buttons. I painted the first coat with dark espresso colour so that it will appear after its been distressed.

It seems like I cant neglect the distressing part coz I love anything looks antique!

I organise my perfumes in this box and put it on my dressing table :)

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