Monday, April 12, 2010

Threads Organizer + Latest Embroidery Work

Guess what ? Its already 1;40 am in the morning and Im still awake ! Im not in the mood to continue my embroidery work anymore ... its too damn late but I just feel like to post something before Im off to bed ! I was organising my threads this evening. Two handmade boxes which was made by my hubby to me as thread organizers had just finished ! I thought of sharing it here in my blog :)

Very simple to make ! Isn't it a great gift idea as well ?

I added a matching satin ribbon to each of the box as decoration. Oh I love ribbon !! :)

For the time being.. actually I use several different boxes for organising threads.. according to colours and types

This box has three equal compartments to store my beautiful US hand dyed threads
The blue ones .. I just stash up in a Tin can ( chocolate tin)

You can find this kind of storage rack at any hardware stores / office supplies store
I sort the threads according to colours coz I think it would be easier for me to check the colour stocks ! hehe

I usually use a squared plastics bobbin to wind up the leftover threads.. coz if you stash up the extra floss just like that in one case, they tend to get attangle
If you buy the DMC bobbin, it comes along with stickers of the colour code that you can label each of your bobbin easily.
 Now its time to share my latest work ~!!
So , here are a few pictures of what i've been busy with these few days. Im currently working on a new creame hijab .. the choice of colours are spring inspired ! heehehe... combination of pink + purple + a bit yellow + rainbow colour and of course green for leaves.

Ever wondered how the wrong side of fabric would look like? I tried to make it as neat as possibe coz  thats important too !

Ok guys.. hope you find something useful ! Have a great time :)


kmie said...

hi..can i learn from u about your handycraft especially the hand made hijab...

kmie said...

sis, can i learn from u how to make hand made hijab? did u use any book which i can buy to learn or anything that can help me to learn it..

sweet maniac said...

I guess there are lots of basics about bullion embroidery out there at any bookstores? try search at muda osman or else.I dont refer books coz I use my own formula of stitching, I design my own pattern. You can search over the net if you are looking for classes.I also can provide personal class if you wish me to.