Monday, April 26, 2010

Bridal Make Up for Bridal Photo Shoots Part 1

Its been a loooooong time since I didnt update my blog ! I miss my blog as well as my blogger frenz so much ! I've been busy with my work , but here I am trying to give a lil update about what I'm up to these days ! :) So guys, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure ... click the photos to Enlarge !

First Model

Balqis Before

She was shocked coz I had mistakenly sprayed hair mousse !! Oh My ... I couldnt differentiate between hair spray and mousse ?? lol

                                                             She's got a beautiful smile...

Second Outfit

I just changed the colour of lips to compliment the dress and neutralize her cheeks a bit ... coz the makeup for
eyes and lips were already bright and strong

Third Outfit

From red lipstick to pink ! ...I added up a bit of green pigment on the lid and lower eyes ... changed the
colour of lips to dusty pink to change her look !

Part 2 to be continued ....


Azlinda Rusli said...

Hi dear..

I nak tye satu soalan and hope u sudi jawab..

Can u suggest a range of must-have lipcolor(MAC)..because i always ended up buying the wrong ones esp to be worn during reception..color yg sy beli mesti look pucat je dlm gamba...i am a big fan of natural color i inclined to buy brown tone rather than pink or whats not..pls suggest..tq

sweet maniac said...

hi there..

a few of peachy /brownish tone lip colour that i like.
honeylove, spirit, faux (brownish pink), viva glam II, fastplay, peachstock, blankety, kinda sexy, mocha.. if you find that the colour is too nude for you, outline the lip with a slightly darker tone lip liner and blend with your lip colour ;) try spice lip liner by mac. atau you can find cheaper ones at drugstores brand loreal pun ok.. yang brown hues.

Azlinda Rusli said...

hi dear..

thank you very much for the info..
really appreciate it..

sweet maniac said...

my pleasure ;)