Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Activity

Hi guys :) Actually I have so many things to share with you all .. but recently, Im so busy with my workloads! So, Im sorry for that. I wish that I could have someone to snap pics and do the resizing things and uploading the pics for me .. LOL .. coz thats the most boring things to do in LIfe ! :p

So how was your weekend ? What did you do ? I hope your weekend went well ! As for me, I had to finish up some works .. personal.. business... bla bla... but shopping is a must ok ! :D

Here are some multi taks that I did over the weekend !

*Wall painting

Look at thaaaaat .. the room was pretty terrible, I guess it was due to moisture accumulation.. hmm maybe ? Eventhough I rent this house.. I think I had to change the look of this room coz my eyes couldnt stand looking at the dull, dirty wall, anymore. I came across a sentence, "the colour of your room, is the last thing you see before you go to bed, and the first thing you see when you wake up" yeaah its true ! In my case.. this is happened to my working room .. so too bad.. coz I had to see the wall the whole day ! it really affects my mood.

So, this is the finish look ! It took me and hubby about an hour plus to paint this small room.I chose very light blue, coz its the most relaxing out of the colours.  Besides, blues are fresh, harmonious and easy to combine, since most of my furnitures are white, so I think they suits best with blue ! :) Im so happy with the finish results, and the light colour makes the room seems wider too ! In case you are wondering... I used Nippon Paint Odourless in colour dewykiss.

* Sewing Curtain

Just the most easiest french pleat curtain ! This is the only pattern I know how to sew for the time being ... I learnt only this pattern from my mum coz I just love this simple one :) I've been longing to buy Laura Ashley curtain fabrics, but ooh with the price tag is too high.. I had to wait till they are having sales ! And yess finally, they are having sales up to 50% off for most of the women apparels , 20% for fabrics, and just 10% for some of small items including their pretty boxes ! from 26th May for a month.

light blue wall, n some pinks stuffs. accesories for the decorations.. it would create a soft romantic english look .. i love it !

*Embroidery Thingy

This is actually a must for me, everyday ! Not only on weekends ... *sigh*

So, this is the embroidery hijab that im currently working on... its a combination of orangey + dark browns daisies on a pastel green voile.. ordered by a customer ( which is my sister .. lol) to match her baju kurung :) She asked me to embroider flowers thats quite similar to her orchid pattern kurung.

*Wedding gift boxes

Custom made and originally designed by me .. ordered from a friend for his hantaran on the 6/6/10 ! Still working on some other boxes... so will be posting on the full gubahan after the solemnization date.. so stay tuned :)

*Shopping !!

So some stuffs that I bought during my weekend shopping are ....

Also bought from Laura Ashley at 10% off, a set of three boxes. Damask flower of two contrasting colours, pink and creame. Pretty !!! They have 2 sets actually , and the other is in teal + emerald colour. Hard to decide .. but I took pink coz it matches my curtain :)

As always, as usual ! :p Very attractive packaging and colours of the products .. so I had to buy a few stuffs from this collections  and the superglass too are awesome !!*sigh* but still got no time to post an entry regarding this :(

Some great findings at The Street, The Curve (only on weekends , Sat-Sun till 10pm)RM20 for each of the items. Sold at diff. stalls

The false lashes available there, are great dupes for MAC lashes .. no brand but made of natural hair/ not the synthetic one

You can find several brushes which are quite similar to the MAC ones .. but not of the same quality hence the low prices. But for me , the quality is fine ...Some are made of squirrell furr, and a few of sythentics brushes. Great for starters ! I bought one for experiment .. hehe.. and it works great . This angle brush is quite larger than the one used for applying gel eyeliners, maybe great for applying the powder one... but i'll be using this for eyebrows instead !

the last one ...

A cutey bracelet. I picked up this one coz its got some hanging cutey miniatures of things that I love.. lipstick, handbag and shoes :)

So thats all  for now,about my weekend activities. Have a great day ahead ! :)


Anonymous said...

love all of the stuff that you bought. btw, the bracelet is what i like most cos of cute miniatures. how much is that? :p

The Hetzel said...

Laura Ashley absolutely superb tp mmg pricey..huu. u r damn genius with colour lahhh!!!totally luv ur new room.
Btw, i have a request. Wud u mind to gv us a tutorial on hw to apply make up which gives glowy look on skin? I dont wanna look cakey anyway.. suka tgok trend make up korea skg. skin nmpak sgt glowy!i noe ur good with make up, so yeah..pls~~hpe u don mind!

efa fairuz said...

what a cute world u r living in! semua cute2..semua pretty2..i can smell nice fragrance too by just seeing the pictures..seriously..

u r such an inspiration.. :D

sweet maniac said...

aww tq dear.
at early marriage ni.. still byk bnda tk cukup :( rumah at certain part bersepah .. serious :p If i own a house, insyaAllah will create a blog about home decorating.. my dream ! sgt minat psl interior design.btw, my working room bau lovely lace. "teddy's dream" hehe