Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wedding Hantaran from "him to her"

as usual .. the sweetmaniac design trademark :)

Hi dear readers ... last night, I was so busy preparing this hantaran ... I recently slept at 2-3 am these few days due to workloads, it was such a tiring moment .. but I really enjoyed doing these things.

All of the boxes, trays and pail are custom made ; the "wedding gifts" from groom side to the bride, and were decorated using all fresh flowers ,ordered from a friend of mine .. the solemnization ceremony was held today on 5.06.10. Congrats to the bride and groom .. and thanx a million to my friend ..for putting ur trust in me to do the gifts decoration for ur side :)

Enjoy some of the photos !

7 of 8 gift trays

Handbag + Purse

Cheque Holder

Mas Kahwin / Dowry

Ring holder

Ring Holder ~ Top View

Tray for cake

Pillow for bracelet


My exclusive pail ... for romantic n adorable look for the toileteries !


Last but not least ....

my first touch of Sireh Junjung !

... just a simple design though.. but lucky it just happened to turn out fine :P

anything on your mind ? Let me know !

ok, thats all regarding my latest work ! Im gonna be busy with my embroidery work again ...*sigh*  sure ill post something regarding that .. okie. Have a great day guys :)


Nadia Bayu said...

congrates ana!! semua sgt sweet yet still look elegant :) 2 thumbs up! :) suke giler :)

kelipkelipchumel said...

sgt cantik.especially da pail n sireh junjung...i likeee...

aMoR said...

walau sye kureng paham inggeris

harap semua tuh enjoy yerrrr....

dn kekal hingga akhir hyat...and ke anak cucu!!

syaima' said...

hi, can u email me your quotation for hantaran which consist of 9 dulang? thanks.