Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lipstick Rack Second Version

My lipsticks got a new room, yeay ! Been waiting for this new lipstick holder to be finished up by my other half for monthss !! .. but this thing was quite complicated to do since it has many compartments to fit just the accurate size of a lipstick. The body of this rack as well as the drawer are made of  very thick plywood. Its been painted with very light kinda greyish blue to match with my powder organizer, click here if you missed the entry. As usual, its been distressed coz I loveee Shabby Chic Style deco.

The sectionals (since its mini square holes) are made up using chip boards. The board is cut into small square pieces and wrapped up using the regular one that you can get at most stationaries. Don't forget to glue up the wrapper using UHU glue. This glue holds up the two pieces strongly, and it gives very smooth finish to the surface .. always use brush to apply the glue evenly to avoid any bubbles from appear.I love getting beautiful wrapers at any Love Lace stores.. The same patterns , selling at the Kinokuniya are doubled price than anywhere else !

One drawer can fit up to 50 lipsticks max. So, one rack can store not more than 100 lipsticks altogether. I dont have that huge amount, yet ... No, I dont ! Its a long term planning so I dont have to rebuilt again in the future.
Since, this organizer is purposely for my lipsticks.. so the lipglasses dont fit the drawer well. Lip glasses are longer in length .. so I have to ask my dear hubby to build another drawer, especially to store the lip glasses separately ! :p

p/s: My previous lipstick rack is kinda small ... click here to jump to the entry. Im currently using this as my pencil organiser.

Hope you enjoyed reading :)


WaA said...

i love your creativity!
if u jual, mesti rmai beli
or boleh buat tempahan ke?

sweet maniac said...

yess sure..
i xbuat yg ready made
boleh order, but it takes time
email me for any inquiries. tq :)

The Queen Bee said...

wow bestnye!! I selalu hilang my lipstick!! bersepah2.. kalau ada jual rack mcm ni kan best.

happyichigo♥ said...

wow banyak nye lipsticks..

Jill said...

very nice!! i've been looking for a nice lipstick holder, this is better than what i had in mind, great inspiration, thanks!