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MAC To The Beach Collections n Swatches

Sorry, the pictures r snapped using my cheap camera phone .. lol . so the quality is really bad !! damn it

Tadaa ... Its been a week since I bought these items .. but got no time to post the pictures in my blog ! :(
aahh .. Im always being lazy about this !! But still, I really wanna share with you guys especially the MAC lovers out there,  of what I hauled from this collections ! :) Have you take a look at the stuffs urself ? Arent they adorable ?Like I said, Im a suckerrr of beautiful packaging , and this time MAC is making me crazy again with the ocean themes in orange and green colour packaging ! Beautiful tropical colour, isn't it. Perfect for summer .. yeah great for us coz we can always create the looks using these kind of colours the whole year .. ermm.. except during raining seasons :p

Since these are limited editionss .. I think everyone was rushing to get this before they are sold out ! Thats the tricky part y'know... even some of the stuffs are the re-promote ones... some are in the permanent range .. still people wanna buy extras because of the packaging ! grrrr .. like myself :p

Are you into greens and corals and pinkss ? If you do.. better grab them fast coz I heard that this new collections are almost sold out at most stores !

I didnt buy all of the items ... Im a poor girl *sobs* .. I just picked up something that I think I really need them !

The black boxes are not part of the collection. Those are the superglasses. I think im gonna frame all of the unique boxes ... I can be happy just by looking at the beautiful packaging .. aaaahhhh.. hehe

Three of 6 new eyeshadows. Two are from the permanent range which are Humid and Shimmermose. Luckily I already have the shimmermoss ... and lucky again coz I never bought Humid before. So I got humid in this cute packaging ! Its got seashells pattern on it :)

From L-R:  Firecracker (Veluxe Pearl), Sweet & Punchy (Veluxe Pearl), Humid (Frost)

For me, Sweet & Punchy is a must have ! The colour is very rare ... but Its kind of of similar to Bitter e/s from the permanent line .. Its great combo with Humid ! love it

The swatches under natural lights: L-R: Firecracker, Sweet & Punchy and Humid

I dont really like the colour of Firecracker... its kinda hard to play around with the other colours. Orange + Green is a funky combination !! I dont like to be too fancy in front of people, lol. So Im gonna try  brown + orangey combo for more natural look :) There's one very light peachy eyeshadows (Sand and Sun) that came out with this collection which I skipped coz its just so..so , nothing special about that colour but its great combination with Firecracker though. Its a nudey peachy pink colour that barely shows up on my NC35 skin !!

L-R: Eye Kohls in shimmer golden live colour (Rose & Thyme), Shimmery dark Teal ( Float On By), and a super pretty baby pink lip liner ( Life's A Breeze).

These eye kohls and lip liners come in a new cutey white pearl  packaging with seeweed pattern! Theres another lip liner pencil in very bright Orange colour .. I dont think Im gonna wear a bright orange lipstick .. so I skipped that as well.
Top-bot, L-R: Life's a breeze and Temperature Raising Lip pencil.
Rose and Thyme and Float On By Eye Kohl

Rose and Thyme is a golden olive green colour... and Float On By is something that is so outstanding ! I have returned the Rose and Thyme coz I got quite a similar colour eye kohl. I didnt get any of the lippies though Thrills Lipcolour is something unique and to die for ! So I got that lippe for an exchange :)

L-R: Splashing, Flurry Of Fun

Pretty cute packaging.. I love the sea horse thingy :) There's one more lip glasses which is Easy Lounger, but I skipped that coz its just very sheer pink colour almost clear with silver shimmers in it. Its not really to die for if you already have tones of other lip glasses. Doesn't affect much on top of any lip colours.

Flurry of Fun .. is a FUN colour ! Its a sheer orange when apply on lips with teal + silvery reflects in it. Very unique colour and the most gorgeous one out of the bunch !  Splashing is a pretty cool tone pink that can go with any make up looks .. I think so ! It has really great colour pay-off .. I can even apply it on its own ! Its got very subtle shimmer to it. What I dont like about these two glosses is that its sticky and a bit heavy.. which I dont like that kind of feel .. the colours are absolutely gorgeous though so thats why I think I must have 'em.

The swatches: L-R: Flurry Of Fun , Splashing

Lipglass swatches: L-R: Flurry of Fun, Splashing and Easy Lounger

Bronzers: L-R: Weekend (Cream Bronzers), Refined Golden (Bronzing Powder)

Love the cute packaging !! One in green seashells and the other in orange seeweed :) I've never tried the cream bronzers yet .. so I cant tell much about this one. Cream bronzer is great if you dont like to powder ur face much. Apply creame bronzer on top of foundation. Coz creame can mix with creame. Then just apply a lil bit of loose powder all over face to set up the foundation , 1 way to have that flawless make up. There are two bronzers, I picked Weekend coz the other one doesnt turn out very well on my skin .. its too light. I think this one suits every skin tone.

Refined Golden is a Repromote from Style Warriors collection, last year ! I really loveeee this bronzing powder. Its got very subtle gold shimmer in it and  the colour is just great for every skin tone. I had to re-purchase coz mine is getting low ! Definitely, a must have in your makeup collections !

Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel. I got this from the Style Warrior collections and it is repromote in To The Beach Col. A great product to mix a few tiny drops into your foundation for fresh dewy skin from within. It best suits those with pale and dry skin .. it gives ur face glowing effect and add up some colours. Pink Rebel will give pinky reflects while the other one in Sun Rush is a golden colour which I don like the effect on the skin. My face doesnt need tanning ... Its already tanned ! lol

The swatches of Lustre Drops: L-R: Sun Rush, Pink Rebel

Marine LIfe, highlighter powder which is super cute with the sea horse embossed on it. I couldnt resist with this one ... eventhough the golden shimmer would b washed out after 2-3 swipes !

The #130 duo fibre brush ! and its limited edition. Lucky coz I already have the other one which is #131 brush, I cant afford to buy two brushes at a time ok :p .. these two brushes are worth of investment for great foundation application. Its almost give the air brush effect . Its already SOLD out from the first day it was released ! fiuuhh. Its just similar type with the #187 from the permanent line .. but this one is a smaller version which is good for smaller areas on ur face.. thats all ! :)

The rest of Things which I skipped ! The Oil Bronzer.. we dont need it unless u r a celebrity make up artist which sometimes might want to use for photo shoots :) .. two blushes, Hipness and Get Away Bronze Blush. Hipness is somewhat similar to Instant Chic but more on the pinkier side and more pigmented and pretty the same with Marine Life highlight powder but less pigmented ... in between those two ? I better not spend my money on this even though its limited edition. I believe theres more blush from the permanent line which is a must have for me :) Get Away Bronze blush ? better get away from brown blush unless u r very2 fair ! :)

Swatches of Blushers: L-R: Hipness, Get Away Bronze

All of the swatches. Lippie swatches on  Top: L-R;  Lazy Day, Thrills, Fun Bathing, Beach Bound (very sheer u cant see it in the picture)

Out of these ... I love thrills. Its the most fast selling lipstick.. I didnt take it at first but already reserved it ! Its a combination of rosy red with gold bronze shimmer.. pretty unique. Lazy Day reminds me of Viva Glam Gaga and Angel which I already have those ! pink with blue undertone, the only difference is the finishing. gaga is prettier though. Fun Bathing is quite dark for me .. and Beach Bound is pretty sheer. Its just like you are applying lip gloss .

So Thats all for now guys .. hope its been useful :)

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