Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Lazy Ribbon...

Its been a while now since the last update ! Recently I dont have much time to write something ... or at least post some pictures regarding my activities ( for those who care...) hehe. I was soo busy babysitting my 5 months old niece (missing her already*sobs*) and finished up my embroidery works ! So, Im here to update my latest work .. yeehaw :) Nothing much .. just two simple embroidered hijabs that I made for my dearest sis in law whose currently staying in Beijing. Before I get started .. I knew the hijabs should be simple and sweet, coz she loves anything simple, sweet, pastel colours and she hearts PINK colour so much ! So, I decided to design 1 hijab with the lazy ribbon pattern on a soft pink voile  ... Isn't the lazy ribbon cute ? This is one of my most fav embroidery design so far.

Back View

My Handmade Hijab :) In grey version

The second one ... I made her a baby blue voile with pink + cream + light yellow roses
 The completed hijab and it has been embellished with swarovski crystals; back view

Ok thats all ! Till then :) Have a great day ahead. xoxo


Anonymous said...

oh these are gorgeous!
i love the blue one especially!

your work is perfectly done....not a flaw in sight!

thanks for sharing, because I care!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

kelipkelipchumel said...

suke yg kaler biru tu...cantekkk...kalo tempah ni sue amik brapo ek utk complete 1tudung tu.