Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Shu Uemura Eye Brow Pencil & Curler

This eye brow pencil, doesnt show up if you try to swatch on your dry palm/wrist, but it shows beautifully natural on your eyebrow. Brilliant ! I've been told that, this pencil only works when it is in contact with the oil produced by your brows. Does that make sense to you ? Im not sure about the truth behind it, or its just their marketing gimmick. I've never heard of this kind of product till I purchased one, yess it doesnt show up on ur skin but the colour appears on the eyebrows... and I love how this applies, besides the colour would last for longer hours which is better than using powder eye shadows.

I've heard many good reviews of this pencil before, hence I bought this to give it a try. Its been voted by many make up addicts and the pros as the best eye brow pencil so far ! Better than the MAC one.. yess I agree with that. If you dont like your eyebrows to be so natural looking, than this is not the one for you. The MUA suggested me to take the hard formula pencil in "hard 9 ", in the colour of very dark brown suitable for my dark black brow.

The uniqueness of this pencil is .. the way it is sharpened where it affects the way of application. The thin edges on either side is meant to outline the eyebrows and the slightly slanted point is used to fill in the brows. The reason why its been sharpened quite slanted instead of very pointy one is, to avoid from harsh application which will make the eyebrows look fake. Wow, I was amazed with this.. but feels that its quite complicated to sharpen like the way they do with a cutter. So, the solution is ... just bring the blunt pencil to the counter and the staff there will sharpen it , free of charge. Quite a hassle, but absolutely this is a great pencil, selling at RM65/per piece.

Another stuff adored by many pros is their eyelash curler. This one is great for Asian eyes coz this iconic tools is designed so small to give you the ultimate precision to accentuate the smallest lash. If you find the larger ones is too wide for your eyes.. try the mini eyelash curler. I bought the mini one.. coz sometimes the bigger version always doesnt grab the small lashes.. so this one is particularly to curl the eyelashes on the inner and outer corners. This curler comes with an extra silicone pad at the price of RM50.

Don't you know that, the silicone pad should be replaced with a new one after 3 months of use and the lash curler itself is believed to give lower performance after long period of use, therefore, it should be discard after 6 months. How to clean this tools: Just clean off any dirts after each use with a wet tissue followed with the dry one to avoid the growth of bacteria. I always sanitize my tools, with alcohol to kill any germs once in a while. A few spritzz will do.

Hope you gain something from this ! xoxo


efa fairuz said...

nice one!

but it'll be very lovely if u can show us the makeup look by wearing the eyebrow pencil.. :D

but i guess you're occupied with other things.. so maybe next time? can? can laa hehe :D

sweet maniac said...

sure ! no problem. maybe weekend ni .. :) ada assistant boleh tlg snap pics :p

The Queen Bee said...

i love shu uemura pencil! nampak natural kann

Anonymous said...

yess it is :)